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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: August 2010

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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: August 2010

Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland

August 30, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{ONE}  We are less than 110 days until Hubby’s graduation! I have a countdown app on my phone that keeps track of it for me. It’s hard to believe that he’s already been gone since April. As hard as it has been, I’ve learned that I can manage and that we can function (even though we don’t like to) without him here. So later on down the road, should he have to deploy or get underway for a long period of time, we know that we can make it.

{TWO}  There are two posts that I want to tell you about today. First and foremost, one of my very best friends Courtney has just opened her own Etsy shop! She’s a fabulous photographer and she’s decided to start selling some of her prints. Today is her “grand opening” and she’s got a wonderful giveaway going on! So head over to her blog, tell her I sent you, and take a look at the WONDERFUL prints she has for sale.

The second post is another feature article that my friend Mandy wrote about my growing little business! Mandy’s daughter was my very first client back in April when I was just getting started in the business. She has been a great friend for a long time, and I’m actually getting ready to head back up to her house in a few weeks to do some family portraits for them. I’m super excited to work with them again. They are such a fun family and her blog is fantastic!

{THREE} Little man hit the big “22 Month” mark on Friday. In another few weeks I’ll be planning his second birthday party. I can’t believe we have reached that point in life already. He’s talking, running, and exploring everything. He’s curious about everything around him and he wastes no time trying to figure it out. And he’s such a happy little boy. I know people say good things about their kids all the time, but Little Man is really a happy and loving little boy. He gets cranky and all like any child, but he’s really very happy most all the time.

{FOUR} Hubby has made STRAIGHT A’s the entire time he’s been in EMT school! His final is tomorrow [I think], his practical exams on Wednesday, and then takes his National Registry Exam on Friday. If you guys will please just keep him in your prayers this week, I would so much appreciate it and I know he would do.

{FIVE} I started a new Photography Project. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for it, but I know that it’s going to be worth it. I have taken on the 365 Project where I agree to take one creative picture a day for a year. And by creative picture, I mean that I really LOOK for things to photograph. Rather than just snapping a quick photo and being done with it. You can find all of my 365 posts here or view the set on my Flickr Page.

{SIX} I am ready for Fall. Football Season kicks off this Saturday!! In the south SEC football is close to a second religion. There is no better way to spend a cool Saturday afternoon than tailgating and watching football. I’m ready for the air to cool off, the leaves to change. I’m super excited to see what this season brings. Hopefully a lot of photoshoots.

{SEVEN} This came out the other day. And I am in love. If anyone wants to buy it for me or make donations for me to go purchase it, feel free.   ;)



August 29, 2010

A Touch of Faith

365-Day 2 005

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August 24, 2010

Fill In

Today, thanks to my lack of creativity and desire to post something I thought I would fill out this fun little questionnaire I have seen around the blog world lately. I saw it three or four times last month, but it was just recently when Jhen posted it, that I decided to fill it out myself. She included a photo of herself with no makeup and no hair done. I’m not quite sure I am that brave. Not by any means, but I am going to borrow her post idea.  ;) And, I’ll even include a picture.

Self 028 

{I AM …} a lot of things right now: exhausted, emotional, eager, excited…All for different reasons. Exhausted because of my self-inflicted lack of sleep. Emotional because I am missing my husband and eager for our family to be back together. Eager to go to visit him in California in October and eager for the Fall Photography Season to begin. And Excited about all of the things God has blessed me with and is doing in my life.

{I WANT …} this camera bag. I want it so that I can stop carrying my camera in my purse and worrying about it getting dinged, scratched or broken. I’m hoping my husband will get the hint and surprise me with it.  :)

{I HAVE …} to buy Little Man some new clothes. He’s growing like a weed and his t-shirts are getting to small. I’ve started buying up some Winter Clothes for him, but I have to buy pants, socks, and definitely shoes. And soon. Because he is running out of things that fit.  :)

{I KEEP …} a journal.  And I have since I was in 4th grade. I have one that is personal, and I keep a journal for Little Man…of all of the things that I want to remember to tell him and all of the things that he does that make me laugh.

{I WISH I COULD …} go to sleep…and sleep until I couldn’t sleep any more.

{I HATE …} being away from my husband and having our family separated.

{I FEAR …} something ever happening to my husband or my son. It terrifies me to think that something could happen to them that I could not control.

{I HEAR …} my son laughing at Wheel of Fortune in the living room with his Grandmother.

{I DON’T THINK ...} that I could love my husband or my son anymore than I do right now.

{I REGRET …} not staying in school, even after I got married and found out I was pregnant.

{I LOVE …} Josh and Noah. Period. There is nothing in this world that I love more than those two boys.  :)

{I CAN …} not wait to go house hunting and start decorating our new home.

{I DANCE …} rarely. And when I do, it’s only with my little guy.

{I SING …} off key. I love to jam out when I’m by myself, but I seriously can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

{I NEVER …} get enough sleep. Ever.

{I RARELY …} go a day without wearing makeup. Don’t ask why, but I don’t. 

{I CRY WHEN I WATCH …} sappy Chick Flicks…there are a handful that get me every. single. time I watch them: StepMom, Steal Magnolias, The Notebook…and I cried during almost every single episode of Army Wives this past season.

{I KNOW THAT …} God only gives me what I can deal with. I know that he is in control…not matter how hard I try to battle him. 

{I HATE THAT …} I haven’t learned to let go of certain things. I work on them, I try really hard, but there are some things I just haven’t yet.

{I NEED …} a cup of energy is waning and I feel like I could fall asleep on the keyboard.

{I SHOULD …} be doing some business and photography work. But instead, I’m stuck on my blog and Twitter. Oh well.

{I BELIEVE …} that God has given me everything in life I could ever, ever need. And I am thankful for that.


Lastly, on a completely different note: I am selling my Camera to upgrade to something Professional. I’m hoping to use the funding I get from selling it to go toward new equipment. It is less than a year old, and in perfect condition. If you or someone you know may be interested in buying it, please leave me a comment here or send me an email {mrsckirkland at gmail dot com}. I’d love to sell it before Mid-October so that I could purchase the new camera to take on our trip to California.

Have a great Tuesday!

August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Today is Monday. As if you didn’t know that. And my creative juices are at a pretty decent stand still. I’m going to have to do something about that. But I feel the need, and the desire, to get something posted here today and I friend of mine suggested Miscellany Monday…a blog hop that is nothing more than a collection of random thoughts. Sounds right up my alley.

{ONE} Hubby has test #3 today. It’s a big one. All about the airway and breathing. Supposedly it’s harder than the final. I’m not worried that he will pass. I just get nervous for him when he has to take tests. I know what is riding on all of this. And I want him to achieve everything he wants to achieve.

{TWO} I bought a new coffee cup this weekend. It’s black and white with the word “Coffee” written all over it in about 30 different fonts. What’s sad about it is that I spend so much time in Photoshop, etc. editing pictures and working on my blog header and stuff that I actually recognize and know the names of some of the fonts used on the cup. Does that make me a nerd or just pathetic? Don’t answer that…

{THREE} I am beginning to realize more so that I ever have how blessed I am and how big my God is. Have you ever noticed the way that God puts things, circumstances and people in our lives when we need them most? That he always gives us exactly what we need? It leaves me speechless.

{FOUR} It is safe to say that I have baby fever. As I knew that I would when this event rolled around. My best friend from college, Tori, just had her first baby. A sweet, unbelievable adorable little boy named Jack. Little Man and I are going to visit them the first week in September. I’m taking his newborn portraits and I’m pretty sure that when I get my hands on that sweet little bundle of cuteness, that I’m going to be sucked into the mentality that I want another baby. Since I’ve been thinking about it, everywhere I turn I seem to see newborns. Oi vei.

{FIVE} My husband told me last night when we were talking that he wants to start a blog. I’ve been trying to get him to start one since right after Little Man was born 2 years ago. I keep telling him that it’s the best form of therapy there is and that he would feel a lot less stressed if he had somewhere to empty his mind and let off some stress. I was up last night making him a header and setting up his stuff. I told him I would try to gather him up some followers if he would post…so when he starts, I will let you know.  :)

{SIX}My sweet little boy is turning two in October. We are spending his birthday this year in California with his daddy. I can’t wait to visit. Can’t wait to see the West Coast. Can’t wait to vacate the surrounding lower Alabama area and see some of the country.

{SEVEN} I am being featured today! I was contacted by the lovely Tiffany who writes a blog all about Military Spouses who have opted for something more than conventional careers. She did a spotlight on my growing Photography Business.  :) How exciting!!


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August 22, 2010

A Touch of Faith

This is by far one of my favorite verses…always has been. With the way that our society has gone downhill and the depreciation of value in the sanctity of marriage, this verse serves as a reminder that there are some things that will always be important. Some things will always matter.

Vintage 112

August 18, 2010

Dear Me

I read a post over that Brandi wrote over at Stepping On Cheerios that really made me stop and think. To be honest with you, this is a post that I have had in the back of my mind to write for a long, long time, but never sit down and take the time to “pen” out. After reading hers, however, I was convinced that now was the time to put the words down.

I think we all reach the point in our lives that we look back and wonder what we could have, should have, would have done differently. We reach back in ours memories and pull up and drag up things that either caused us pain or things that we would give anything to change. Brad Paisley sang about it a few years ago…the things that we would tell ourselves to do differently. Life takes unexpected twists and turns no matter what we do along the way, but I think that recognizing the “should haves” teach us the most important lessons in life. They are the lessons that we learn the hard way; the things that sting the most and sometimes cause the most pain that create our true character. They are the lessons that we harp to our children about later on down the road. The things that our parents used to tell us-and we refused to listen to. If given the chance, I could think of plenty of things that my younger self would need to hear:

For starters, I’d tell myself to lighten up. Relax. Stop worrying so much about what the “in” people thought. Who cares? While maintaining academic excellence is important [and believe me, with a 4.0 GPA the day that I graduated, excellence was a term that I took very seriously] enjoying high school is just as important. Remember all of those get together’s that you skipped out on? GO. Have a good time. It’s ok. Seriously. Even if you don’t want to drink you can still have a good time. Some of the ones you thought were so awful really weren’t all that bad to begin with. Have you ever thought that maybe-just maybe-you were the one who was conceited at times?

Remember Ms. Eva? Listen to her. She’s the best English Teacher you have and will ever have. When she tells you that you have talent and the ability to write, it’s because you do. Pursue it. Explore it. Act on it. And let her know how much you appreciate her.

Visit Maw and Paw Paw every. single. day. Even though Maw’s mind is going and she doesn’t always understand or comprehend what you say, tell her. Tell her everything. She’s one of the best friends you’ve ever had. Live in the moments with them. Even if you are just sitting there watching the Braves Game or listening to the surrounding silence. You’ll miss those times the most when you don’t have them anymore.

Let Granny teach you all of that random stuff she dwells on. Let her show you how to sew, how to cook, how to make candy. She’s going to be gone a lot sooner than you ever expected and you’ll be amazed at how empty you feel when she’s gone. She’s a wee bit loony sometimes, but you know that you love it. And she loves you. Adores you. Would do anything for you. So just let her be the way that she is. Enjoy her cheese grits and her candy and her coffee. No matter how hard anyone tries, no one will ever make them the way that she does.

Remember that guy? The one who was your best friend that you suddenly thought you were in love with? Leave it alone. Dudes nuts. Overbearing, protective, bordering on psychotic. Let it go. Let. it. go. If you don’t, it’s going to be the longest year and half of your life and you are going to sit on the sidelines and watch your Senior Year of High School slip right by because he’s an antisocial loser who doesn’t want to be a part of the big events of your year. Oh yeah, and his mom’s a nut job. You don’t even WANT to be a part of that.

When you get to college, be nice to your roommates, heck, even be friends with them, but don’t get tied up in the crowd and the extracurricular’s that they are tied up in. They are good as gold, but they are in totally different situations than you are. You’re on scholarship. And you’re in the best sorority on the hill surrounded by the best group of girls in the Freshman class. Embrace it. Have a good time and make lots and lots of memories, but do it different. Leave the bar and the parties and the alcohol every single night alone. Because trust me, if you don’t, you’re going to regret it from then on out.

Pursue something creative. Forget the teaching and the nursing and all of that jazz. You know in the back of your mind that that is not your calling. Take art. Take photography. Take a Creative Writing Class. Push your creative juices to the max.

For Goodness Sake DROP that stupid Biology Class. And the Lab. Just drop it and drop it NOW because there is no way you are going to pass it. And go to Sociology. It’s cake. I know it’s a 9:00 class and most days you are too tired to get up that early, but the class is easy. No point in making a “D” because you are being lazy.

Leave those dead beat, going nowhere in life, no passion or goals guys alone. Seriously. You are so much better than that and you deserve someone better than that. He is out there. I promise. Just be patient. He’s worth every second that you’ve ever waited for him. Don’t down yourself or settle for anything less than you deserve. No matter what anyone has ever told you, you ARE beautiful and smart and funny. And you have so much more to offer than you think. Trust me. Hold your head high and believe in yourself. You can do anything that you want.

When you get that job at the hospital later on down the road, remember to play hard to get. That guy that you are sooo intrigued by and so fascinated by, he’s really the one. Your intuition and instincts aren’t lying. For the first time in your life, you are dead on with your instincts. Go with them. But don’t give in too easily. He enjoys chasing you. So let him. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down, because he’s the only one that isn’t going to hurt you. Let him in. Say yes to that movie instead of pretending you are busy. Flirt. Trust me, it’s going to be the best decision you ever, ever made.

Stay in school. Even when you get married and find out your pregnant. Stay in class. You’re a strong woman. You’re great at multi-tasking. You’re going to figure it all out.

When the new baby gets here, when the doctor hands you that beautiful, precious, breathtaking gift from God…feel. Allow every single nerve and emotion in your body to be overwhelmed and overcome by the gift that has just been given to you. When you get so tired you think you’re going to pass out, or so ornery from the lack of sleep, or when you think you are about to go off the deep end, look at your Little Man and remember that he won’t be little forever. You’re going to blink and he’s going to be knocking on 2 years old and that time is gone forever.

More than anything, I would tell myself to s l o w d o w n and savor every single moment. Life flies by to quickly…the ones we love the most are gone the quickest; the moments that mean the most vanish instantly. You have an amazing husband a beautiful son waiting on you. Enjoy the road that leads you there. Your future is bright, even if the road you travel to get there is bumpy. You’re going to ultimately be glad you took it.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons over the years. Most days I feel well beyond the ripe ole age of 23. Sometimes I feel like my life has taken courses that a lot of others my age never have had to endure. Dips, bumps and hurdles that most people don’t encounter. And that is ok with me. I’ve always been proud of my ability to handle life and the struggle that comes along. I’ve learned to push through and persevere. I hold my head up and meet adversity head on. All of the things I would tell younger me to do different are the very things that have made me who I am. While changing some things around in my life would have certainly made things a little bit easier, I honestly wouldn’t change them. They created character in me. They made me who I am. I guess that too, is one of the lessons of growing up.

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August 16, 2010

Postal Disaster

I hate the post office.


Never have I been there, gotten what I needed to get or mailed what I needed to mail without some sort of ridiculous debacle. When I mailed hubby’s first “care package” to him last month, what should have been a quick in and out type thing, turned into a 45 minute deal because the man that was behind the counter kept trying to tell me that I was purchasing the wrong box. Seriously. I’m the one paying for it so just mail my crap.

Today was no different.

I went in with the intention of simply mailing hubby another box of stuff. I had everything all nice and neat. I even knew which stupid box I needed-thanks to the 45 minute lecture I had received in said post office the last time. Little Man was with me and he was cooperating very well. Aside from the fact that he kept trying to “play” with the Buzz Lightyear that was on one of the shipping displays.

I get to the counter with my box all packed up. Set little man up on the counter beside me and give him something to occupy him while I’m paying. Let me state, for the record, that my son [fortunately for me] does very, very well in public places. I don’t know if he always will, but right now, he does. I can take him almost anywhere and not have to worry about too many major freak-outs. So setting him up on the counter is no concern for me. Because he understands and knows that he has to be still. And he does.

For starters the postal worker tells me I can ship hubby’s package Priority Mail for $4.95. Okay, fine. The cheaper I could mail the box, the better. Especially considering I had to buy stamps, too. {Don’t even get me started on the outrageous price of stamps.} So I fill out the stupid little priority mailing label. All 8 Lines of hubby’s address…when the moron behind the desk tells me, “Oh no ma’am. I’m sorry it’s going to cost $28.50 to mail this package priority. So you need to stop filling that out.” Ok…and this is when things got bad.

Suddenly, Mr. Rude, Obnoxious, I think I’m cool because I work in a post office guy, shoves the box of stuff toward me and knocks Little Man off of the counter…onto the FLOOR. I dropped everything on the floor and tried to turn real fast and catch him, but I didn’t. Fortunately he landed on his feet first and then toppled over and hit his head on the floor. He cried for about .5 seconds because it scared him more than anything. He has a little knot on his forehead where he bumped it, but nothing serious.

So here I stand with a crying child and a big box of stuff to mail and the guy that just knocked my child off the counter just looks at me like I have 3 heads. I had already paid for my box and the shipping charges…and then he looks at me and says, “Well, are you planning on taping up this box? You can’t mail in until you do…” And I ask him, while trying to calm the child he just pushed off the counter down, if he has some tape he can use. The last time I went in they taped it for me. Never have I ever had to provide my own effing tape to mail a box. Ever.

He tells me no, that I have to buy my own tape. My OWN freaking tape. After he knocks my son off the counter. And he wants me to pay for a $5.00 roll of packing tape. Seriously?! I looked at him with a very serious, you have got to be kidding me face. And he says, “Well you’ve already paid for the shipping and the box…you may as well give me some money for tape.”

That was the point I lost it. Little Man was still whining, and my blood pressure was up. And I said, quite simply, “Are you freakin’ kidding me? You want me to buy a $5.00 roll of tape to use one time? Forget it…I’ll just take my crap home and mail it.” I have a huge roll of packing tape at home from where we moved. I wasn’t paying for tape. That’s ridiculous. Again, not after the counter incident. He should have been offering to pay the shipping or something. Or at least asking if Little Man was ok…not badgering me about tape.

So I had a meltdown. Started talking about how ridiculous that it was that they expected me to buy tape after what had just happened. And told the man just to give me a refund and I would take my stuff to UPS or FedEx and mail it.

I’m the kind of person, when I get really mad, I cry. It has nothing to do with me being upset. I’m just ticked off. I get that from my mom. Growing up I always knew when she was really mad, because she cried. And I do too. And at this point, the waterworks were flowing. Then some sweet little old lady, I’ll call my guardian angel, stepped up to the counter and bought that effing roll of tape for me. So she bought the tape, we taped up hubby’s package and the guy behind the counter kindly addressed it for me.

Then the lady came over and talked to me, told me how much she appreciated my husbands service and told me that she would be writing a letter to the post-master about how inappropriately the situation was handled.

It was awful. Dramatic, it was. And I admit I was slightly embarrassed for losing it the way that I did. But that guy was such a jerk. So unbelievably rude. Couldn’t believe it. Next time I have to mail something to hubby, I’ll either find another post office, or take it to UPS. Won’t be using that post office anymore. I can’t afford it.  LOL


25 Lists Before 25

I originally saw this idea over at Madeline Bea and thought that it was something I would definitely be into. I’m a list kind of person. I like to make them, I like to scratch things off. And if I don’t write it down, I’ll either forget or won’t do it. If I have it on paper somewhere haunting me, then I tend to get it done much, much faster. Just so I can mark it off and see it has been done. I tried that whole “1001 Things in 101 Days” project and got really bored with it, really fast. So instead, I thought I would break my nice little list making obsession down into 25 Lists.

25 Lists of 25 things before I’m 25 years old. That gives me a little less than 2 years to get them done. I’m going to start with a nice little bucket list…you know, things I want to accomplish before I turn 25. This is just the first of many lists to come, but this is the biggie. The one that is really going to count. The one that will hold record of all of the things that I need to accomplish for myself before I turn 25.

  1. Buy a Professional Grade Camera.
  2. Start back to school.
  3. Lose the last of my baby weight and tone myself back up.
  4. Have an Established Photography Business.
  5. Read every single book of the Bible.
  6. Photograph at least 5 Weddings.
  7. Treat myself to a spa day.
  8. Find the perfect Little Black Dress…and the occasion to wear it.
  9. Go to an Alabama Football Game.
  10. Have Self-portraits made.
  11. Buy another Prime Lens [preferably an 85 mm.]
  12. Buy a Macro Lens.
  13. Own a Kelly Moore Bag.
  14. Take Little Man to Disney World.
  15. Go on vacation with just the hubby.
  16. Learn to be completely comfortable in my own skin.
  17. Fully furnish and decorate our home the way that I envision it.
  18. Start a journal for Little Man and keep it updated.
  19. Finish mine and hubby’s Wedding Scrapbook.
  20. Start and update Little Man’s Scrapbook.
  21. Start a Quilt for Little Man made out of his old baby clothes.
  22. Start some family traditions of our own to carry out and follow through with every holiday.
  23. See Breaking Dawn in Theatres. [Both parts if they make it into 2 movies.]
  24. See Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part I & II in theatres.
  25. Print some of my photography and make it into a coffee table book.

Alrighty. So there you have it. My “25 Things to do Before I’m 25.” I already have a few more lists in the works to post sometime this week, but I won’t bombard you with all of them now. Feel free to join in with your own lists. I'd love for you to play along with me. If you create you own, leave me a comment and the link. I’m always looking for people to hold me to my projects [like the Shred? :) ]

Happy Monday, guys!

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August 15, 2010

So I have an idea…

I’ve seen all over the blogosphere lately where bloggers are getting together and passing things around. You know, like journals or photo albums. And I was wanting to see if there was enough of an interest here to get something like that going.

The idea would be to buy a notebook or sketchbook or whatever suited your fancy and take 2-4 pages and write your intro. It could be about you, your family, something that was on your mind…anything you wanted. It could include pictures, doodles, magazine cutouts…anything. You would keep it for a week and then mail it on to the next person.

There are no real rules as to what you can include. As for me, I would probably include poetry and photographs. Just a neat way to express yourself and get to know other bloggers. During the process, we would take photos of the pages we are doing and blog about it.

If anyone is interested, I’d like to get at least 9 other people involved in it. If everyone did 4 pages a piece and mailed it out on time every week, we should be able to pass it around and have it returned to the original owner before Christmas.

So let me know. If you think this is something you might enjoy doing, leave me a comment here and let me know.  :) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Looking forward to a fabulous week!

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A Touch of Faith


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August 13, 2010

It's almost time...

I'm a Southern Girl. Born and raised. And with being a Southern Girl...comes SEC Football.

Roll Tide Roll.

This is not the end...this is the beginning.

August 12, 2010

Winds of Change

Have you ever wondered if maybe God uses our children to punish us?

NOT meaning that children are a punishment or that they are not a blessing or anything like that. But that maybe sometimes things happen as a way to get our attention? Snap us back to where we need to be in life? Smack us in the head as a way of saying, “Hey you! Remember me?”

I’m feeling that way tonight.

If you follow my tweets or you are my friend on Facebook, then you know that Little Man has been having what seem to be really bad, unbelievably intense nightmares. He’s been waking up at the same times the past three days, trembling and shaking and sweating and all out screaming bloody murder. My mother-in-law was the one that got to him this morning when it happened and she thought he was having a seizure, that’s how bad it was. And it’s breaking my heart. Something is scaring my sweet little boy and I can’t do anything to fix it.

I posted it on Facebook this morning and a friend of mine suggested praying over his dreams when I put him to bed. I did that tonight, and my fingers are crossed that it doesn’t happen again in the morning. But it really got me thinking…about how lousy my spiritual life has been lately. In all seriousness, I don’t even really remember the last time that I intentionally and purposefully picked up my Bible and studied. Or spent consistent time in prayer. I’ve allowed everything else that’s going on, everything that I wanted, or was thinking about or was worried about take precedent over my spiritual life.

I’ve been feeling a tug the past week or so from the Big Guy letting me know that he’s wanting me back. I’ve broken away from him. He knows it and I know it. And I’m scared that this whole nightmare/night terror thing with Little Man is a more intense way of telling me that he needs my attention. And I feel like he is preparing me for something. I don’t know yet what it is, but it’s something. Something he needs my full attention for. Something that is going to push me and test my faith in ways that I’ve never understood.

And to be quite honest, I’m scared.

I know that character and faith is built upon struggle and trial. But I’m human enough to openly admit that the thought of something hard happening to build my faith up scares me speechless. I know that hubby has school going on and the things with EMT/A-School are seeming to be a little different this go around. We are getting ready to make a big move, another major transition in life here in the next few months. Life is changing. Hopefully, for the better for our little family. But I feel like God is wanting my attention so he can get me ready for something that I have yet to foresee.

And I’m feeling a pull in my photography. I’m looking into a couple of charities right now, but I am most definitely feeling like God wants me to get involved in something where my photography is a service to others…and not in the “we need new family portraits” way.

I’ve sent up a prayer tonight that peace would be given to our Little guy as he sleeps. It breaks my heart to hear him crying out and wailing frantically for someone to come save him from whatever has him so terrified. I’ve also sent up a prayer that whatever this is God wants me to do, whatever it is I’m feeling, would come to pass in his timing. His will. Am I scared of what’s to come? Humanly, yes. Am I prepared for it? I don’t know. I guess if the Good Lord feels that I’m ready to have something thrown on my shoulders, then yes, I am ready for it.

I just ask that those of you who read this would keep us in your thoughts. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but things are changing. I don’t know what kind of time frame we are looking at, but I’m thinking it’s going to be soon. Whatever it is; whenever it is, I will be sure to let everyone know.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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August 8, 2010

A touch of Faith


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August 7, 2010

Mommy Friendships

This is something that I have been thinking about really hard for the past several, several months.

Maybe because life has taken a few twists and turns that we didn’t expect and there are some things that just haven’t always worked out the way that we wanted to. I think my mind and my heart was on this topic today because it was Bid Day at my old school. Rush ended and lots of new girls entered the world of Swaps and Socials and Pledging. While I only spent 1 year in my sorority, it was by far one of the most enjoyable, fun, and memorable times in my life. I remember being surrounded by girls that I loved dearly and got along with. Girls that understood me and that I could talk to. I know the whole '”sorority” gets misconstrued by a lot of people, especially in movies and stuff, but in all honesty our sorority wasn’t like that. We had so much fun and I had 27 girls in my pledge class that I could turn to and talk to if I ever needed them.

Over the years I have lost contact with several of them, as well most everyone else that I used to be close friends with. And it’s had me a little bit down today.  I’ve been thinking hard about friendship and how much different it is when you are an adult. More so when you are a mom.

I think that all too often we allow friendships to fall to the wayside. We rely on our marriages, our hobbies, our whatever to fulfill us. We use that whole, “my husband is my best friend” thing to convince ourselves that we don’t necessarily need those friendly interactions with other women. We fill our lives up with errands and to-do lists and meeting the needs of our families and allow things that are really important to move to the backburner. This goes hand in hand with intentionally making time for ourselves.

It’s hard. It’s lonely. I’ve realized more now that Little Man is getting older and doesn’t require the same kind of care and attention that he did as an infant just how much I miss having someone my age who is of the same lifestyle {married with young children1} to just go out with and relax.

I miss just sitting around watching chick flicks or gossiping over a glass of wine. I have several really good friends, but they all live so far away so we aren’t able to get together that often. And I’m really missing my “girl time.’’

Maybe that’s why I have turned to blogging. Two of my closest friends, both of whom I feel like I could really talk to in the event that I needed someone, are ladies that I have met through blogging. We share the same interests and passions, we understand one another, but we are never able to get together and socialize “normally.” Being military makes it that much harder, too. Because I know just as soon as I make a good, close friend, I’ll be packing up and moving away.

So my question to you, my cyber friends, is how do you find time to balance and maintain friendships along with all of the other plates that we moms juggle? Do you have certain days that are just understood to be “Girl Nights?” I’d love some feedback on this one! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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August 6, 2010

Time to start over…

It feels like it has been forever and a day since my last real post here. I apologize, but to be honest there just hasn’t been all that much to blog about. Little Man and I are doing our same ole routine. We have such a good time together. I’m working on teaching him his ABC’s and his colors. We have lunch “dates” every week. We like to go to Barnes and Noble. He plays with the big Thomas the Train set in the children’s section, I grabbed something from Starbucks and a book and we just sit for a while. I love to take advantage of free entertainment. If only they would put a table back there, then I could drag the computer along and I would be set.

Hubby starts class again on Monday. Time to start this A-School thing over again.

He’s extremely excited. He’s only got one roommate this time. A foreign exchange student from Lebanon. They get along pretty well and I think hubby may have found made a lifelong friend. Hubby has always had an interest in foreign culture, so I think they’ll have a lot to teach one another over the next few months.

Time seems to be ticking by at a pretty steady pace for us. It’s already August 6. Where on EARTH is time going? Not that I mind, by any means. We’ll be getting those glorious orders in the next month or two and I can start house-hunting. I am ecstatic. I’ve already got a vision in my head of what kind of place I want and how I want it decorated. I’ve got the furniture I want picked out and I know what colors I want to do. I can’t wait to be back in my own house with my own stuff. Decorated the way that I want. Surrounded by our stuff. With our little family.

The Photography Business has been in a lull for the past month or so. This unbelievable heat wave we’ve been dealing with has driven away clients. And to be honest, I haven’t been that frustrated because it has been so hot. The heat index the past few days has been in the lower 120’s. It’s so hot you can’t even breathe. Even in the afternoon. Little Man is so pitiful. He loves to play outside, but when we go out, he won’t stay there but a few minutes. He’s so hot natured like his daddy and he can’t tolerate it. We went out the other day to play and he was just drenched in sweat. Poor guy. I’ll be glad when it cools off enough that I can start taking him back to the park.

I booked my first wedding!! It’s set for March 2011. And it includes Traveling. The Groom worked with Hubby in St. Pete, and we got to know him pretty well. I only met his fiance one time, on the day that we left Florida, but she was so sweet. We started chatting on Facebook, and she decided she loved my work and now I’m shooting their wedding. I’m so excited. It’s in Mobile and I’ll get to travel from wherever we move back down here for a few days.

I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop. I’m just not 100% set on the idea yet. I would love to sell some of my art work, but there are hundreds of photographers on Etsy selling their photographs, and I’m just not sure it would be worth it. I mean, you have to pay to list, so what if I don’t sell any? I may wait a little bit longer until I get some more still life and whatnot built up. We shall see. What do you guys think? Would any of you be interested in purchasing some of my work? I don’t list much of it on here, but you can view some it on my photography blog or on my Flickr. I could do a few giveaways I guess…hmm. Food for thought.

Anywho. I guess that is all for tonight. I swear I’m going to get started writing again. I promise. I have a little notebook here by my desk that is overflowing with ideas of things to write about. I just haven’t done it yet. ::Fail:: I’ve been enjoying down time and I’ve been giving so much of my creativity vibe to my photography. But I miss writing. A lot. I forgot how much I love it. Then I sit here at the computer and the words start flowing and remember that photography is my other passion. I can’t decide [nor will I] if I adore photography more than writing. Maybe they are equal.