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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: June 2010

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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: June 2010

Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland

June 17, 2010

Welcome Home, Daddy!

We have had so much fun the past few days. We picked Hubby up at the airport bright and early at 9:00 am Tuesday morning. Little Man went right to his daddy. No hesitation, no second guessing…nothing. The only thing we noticed was the sheer amazement and wonder at seeing his Daddy again. He looked almost as if he couldn’t believe he was really home. It was great. I felt like I was seeing him for the first time ever. My stomach was all tied up in knots and butterflies. Made me feel like a love-sick teenager again. We celebrated Hubby’s birthday Tuesday night when he got home and again last night on his actual birthday. Here are a few photos from the past two days.

JoshBirthday 003JoshBirthday 035

JoshBirthday 037JoshBirthday 034

JoshBirthday 005

JoshBirthday 012

JoshBirthday 054
JoshBirthday 011

JoshBirthday 007

JoshBirthday 049
JoshBirthday 058

JoshBirthday 059 JoshBirthday 060

JoshBirthday 047

June 12, 2010

Midnight ramblings…

It is nearly midnight here in Alabama. And as much as I need to go to bed, I find myself drawn to the computer to write. I just got off the phone with my husband. We talked tonight for 3 1/2 hours. About everything. In the way that we did when we first started dating. It was fantastic.

I was reminded tonight while we were talking of how much I love my husband. How thankful I am that God paired us together…thankful that God chose me of all people to be his wife. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have a pretty amazing husband. And those people who take the time to get to know him and see through his bad-boyish and realistic mentality, will agree. And I am so thankful for our marriage. And the kind of marriage we have. The honesty, the openness, and the sheer enjoyment we get out of being together.

It used to frustrate me when people make their comments about how we aren’t really happy. [Yeah, we’ve been told that.] We’ve been told we were “fake”, and “un-real” and that we “pretended to be happy.” Even had someone direct a comment at us one time saying that “if we had to pretend to be that happy, then something must be really wrong.” I used to get royally ticked off when I heard comments like that, until I realized that a lot of people in today’s society can’t fathom the idea of a happy and faithful marriage.

Do my husband and I argue? Well, duh. Do I reach the point of frustration sometimes that I really want to just wring his neck? Absolutely. Is there things about him, teeny tiny little quirks that drive me bananas? Sure. But, the truth is, I wouldn’t want to be frustrated, irritated, or annoyed by anyone else.

We had a long, intense, hypothetical conversation about the realities of marriage tonight that really made me love him more. I am so overwhelmed by how grateful I am to be married to a man who is open and honest about challenges, difficulties and realities of life, marriage, and being separated from your significant other. I thank God every single day that we can be honest with one another, knowing that we are in this for the long haul and not have to worry that the other is going to break down and run away when things get difficult. I am a firm believer that marriage takes two people, and that no matter what the situation or circumstance, two people who love one another can overcome anything.

Hubby is so brutally honest…and I love it. I love that when I try on an outfit, I can receive an honest answer on whether or not it looks good. I love that when I get mad or he gets mad, that we can just tell each other why we are irritated and then move through it. I love that he is that way with everyone, and that people always know where he stands {even though other people aren’t always as appreciative.} I love that he totally and completely, 125% supports every single dream that I have; and is doing everything in his power to make all of them come true.

I love that he always has an encouraging word when I need it. And that he knows when to talk and when to just shut up and let me vent or cry. I love that he checks my blog every day to see what I’ve written. I love that writes little messages on my Facebook wall and calls me every morning to tell me he loves me. I love that- though we’ve been apart for the last two months- I am more in love with him right now than I ever have been. I love that he views life in color instead of in black and white or gray-life is complex, but oh so simple at the same time. I love that he is my best friend. I love that he always makes me feel beautiful and sexy-no matter what I’m feeling or what I’m wearing.

I love that he’s a man’s man who works with his hands and has tattoos. I love that he knows that we are going to be together for the rest of our lives. I love that he wants the biggest things in the world for our son and would do anything and everything to give them to him. I love that he’s a worker. I love that he knows what he believes and knows who he is. I love that he loves the Lord but isn’t afraid to admit his shortcomings and transgressions. I love that he doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t and doesn’t cover up his mistakes. I love that he can sit you down and tell you about the days that he raised you-know-what and partied to much and then tell you about the ways that God changed his life.

I love that he picked me.

He’ll be home in 3 days…well, actually just two days and a wakeup because he plane lands early. I could not be more excited. Little Man and I both have new clothes to wear to the airport, and he got a haircut today. The car is clean and has had an oil change, and the house will be spotless on Monday. The closets have been cleaned out to make room for his clothes, and the sheets on the bed are fresh. Now we just sit and wait. I’m going to get his Father’s Day gift on Monday [eeeeep! Excited!] and he’s picking out his Birthday Gift when he gets home. {He already knows he’s getting a camera…just not sure which one.} We are going to the beach, just us two for a few days while he’s here, and we’re going to relax and enjoy our time together.

I am in such a good place in life right now. I am happy with who I am. I feel fantastic. I love what I’m doing [taking pictures to my hearts desire, blogging and being a mommy and wife]. I love where life is taking us. I love my son. I love my husband. And I love knowing that no matter what life throws at us, no matter how hard or how trying it may be, that I have everything in the world that I need: God, my husband, and my son.

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June 6, 2010

Getting to know YOU!

1. If a person has a booger in their nose. and you can see it, do you tell them? It depends on how well I know them. Someone I am pretty acquainted with, sure. But a total and complete stranger? I doubt it. People find things like that strangely offensive.

2. What are you passionate about? My Husband, my son, writing, and Photography. A day spent with the two men in my life surpasses all else; especially when I get the chance to snap some photos.

3. How long have you been blogging? Since August of 2008. Going on a whole two years! Yay me!

4. What is your favorite "summer" drink? Alcoholic or Non? I’m not a big drinker, but I enjoy a good fruity mixed drink during the summer time. Pina Coladas, Lemonades, you get the idea. Non-alcoholic drinks I enjoy when its hot are big, giant glasses of Sweet Tea or Ice Cold Lemonade.

5. What is your favorite type of music? I love me some country-Kenny,  Brad, Taylor, Carrie and Aldean are just a few favorites. But I do enjoy some rock…Bon Jovi, Tom Petty, ACDC…

6. Something I do before I go to bed is......? Take my birth control. :) And wash my feet. I can’t go to bed if I feel like my feet are dirty. Call it OCD if you want, but I literally will not fall asleep if they don’t feel clean.

7. My Summer vacation plans are...? Trips to the beach and to California; and hopefully a whole bunch of photo shoots.

8. My favorite must have, can't live without, beauty product is? Chapstick. I prefer to not live without some sort of foundation and mascara, but I definitely can’t do without some sort of something on my lips.

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June 3, 2010

It’s About Time…

We have finally, FINALLY gotten some news back from the Coast Guard [about time, right?] While it’s not exactly the news I was hoping for, it is the news that I was expecting. And who knows? Things could still possibly, maybe, change. Not likely, but God can do anything, right? While Little Man and I won’t be moving with Hubby to California, he is going to get to come home this month. In just a short 12 days at that. Yep. He’ll be home on June 15 and won’t go back until July 10. A little less than a month, but definitely better than nothing. His birthday is the 16th and then Father’s Day is that Sunday, so I’m super excited that he will be around for both of those. I don’t like being separated on Holidays.

From what I understood, and don’t quote me on this, I think he’ll come home in December for like 2 weeks at Christmas and then go back AGAIN until they graduate in January. I’m not 100% sure on that, but I believe that’s the way that I understood it. We’ve been through so many different scenarios and possibilities the past few weeks that I can’t remember what’s what. All I need to know is that 1) he’s coming home in less than two weeks; and 2) he has to go back and will at some point graduate. LOL.   :)

Things otherwise are going about the same around here. I had a photoshoot yesterday at the local Gardens and got some really great shots. [which I will share at the end of this post] and I have another one there on Tuesday.

I know what Hubby is getting for his birthday {and so does he} but I am totally stuck on the Father’s Day gift. Since he’ll be going back to Cali in July, I want to get him something useful that he can take back with him, instead of something he’ll look at and then leave packed up here in Alabama while he’s away. I have a few ideas, but I’m debating on whether or not to get him one big thing or a few small things. And I’m stuck between two big things. One I know that he would absolutely LOVE and the other, I think he would like but would really get a lot of use out of. Hmmm…decisions, decisions.

Little Man is continuing to grow like a weed. Literally. He got a huge new toy from his Grandmama this week that he is in love with: a GIANT toy dump truck full of legos [the really big ones, of course]. He is on cloud nine. He’s become a master at drinking with a straw. Almost so that we don’t even have to take his cup in a restaurant with us because he can drink from a childs cup. But I’m a little too paranoid about spilling to quite go that far.

I’ve picked out my birthday present. Hubby just doesn’t really know it yet. He knows I want it, but doesn’t know that I’ve decided I want it for my birthday. It’s something I need. Something we both new I was going to get this summer. I’ve picked out my new computer. I’ve been back and forth on the whole Mac/PC debate, thinking I may convert to a Mac. But I am such a tight-wad. That $1400 13” MacBook Pro sure is lovely, but I can’t cough over that much cash on a computer. I have done loads and loads and loads of research, talked to a lot of photographers who use a PC instead of Mac for their photography, and have opted against a Mac right now. Because I’ve found one that’s got the same graphics card [which is what everyone harps is partly why Mac is supposed to be the best for photography] for $600 less. I think I’m gonna go with the Sony Vaio. It’s just as sharp and portable as a Mac. So…I think that’s what I’m going to ask for for my birthday. And editing software. ::Hint Hint Husband----Lightroom 3 comes out the end of June::

Hubby and I are planning a pleasant trip ALONE to the beach when he gets home. I think we’re going to try to go on Wednesday, and spend a day or two by ourselves and then the Mother/Brother-in-law are going to bring Little Man down on Friday so we can do the beach and the Water Park with him. He LOOOOVES the beach and I know he would have a ball at the water park. I’m so excited for Hubby to get back. I know it won’t be for very long, but we have intentions of enjoying ourselves and vacationing while he’s here.

Anywho. Here are the photos that I promised. All of these are FOR SALE if you are interested in purchasing them and contributing to the “Courtney needs a new computer and a Camera Upgrade“ fund. LOL Hope everyone has a great day!

Kaufmann 040 Kaufmann 054 Kaufmann 070Kaufmann 058 Kaufmann 089 Kaufmann 100 Kaufmann 093 Kaufmann 063 Kaufmann 055

Kaufmann 083 Kaufmann 094

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