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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: April 2010

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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: April 2010

Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland

April 27, 2010

And now for something controversial (and sexy)

There is a new style of photography that is making its rounds in the industry. It’s causing some controversy and in some places, an uproar. It’s called boudoir photography. It originally started gaining popularity among the “bride-to-be” crowds and has since expanded to a much wider audience. What it is it, exactly? For all intense purposes, it’s a lingerie shoot. A chance for a woman to put on her sexy little nothings and pose in front of a camera. Most photographers offering this are teamed up with stylists and makeup artists who offer professional services to have the ‘model’ looking and feeling her sexiest.

So what’s with the controversy?

I originally read about this on the I Heart Faces Discussion Board, so I started doing a little research. I couldn’t find much more than a bunch of different galleries, some tasteful and others not so much. But I did find a few comments and mini articles here and there about how ‘unprofessional’ and damaging this style of art is. So, I thought that I would share the negative of this debate with you guys, share my opinion and then get your feedback. I know everyone is going to have some sort of opinion and I would really love to hear yours.

Ok. So the negatives being thrown around with this are the idea that a) by offering your husband/fiance/boyfriend/whoever these photos you are setting yourself up for future unrealistic expectation; and b) you are placing and creating further stumbling blocks for men battling with pornography addictions.

First, I’ll address point A. I personally think this is stupid. Every woman changes. Especially after she has a baby. Both physically and emotionally. That’s a commonly known fact. And if your husband or whoever hasn’t come to term with that fact yet, then he is going to be in for a disappointment anyway. Let’s just face it. Unless you have intentions of spending thousands upon thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime for expensive and painful plastic surgeries [Hello, Heidi Montag], then you will age. Period. That’s the way that God made us. Nothing other than dying at a young age, which I hope none of you do, is going to stop the aging process.

As far as point B is concerned…that’s a toughie and a somewhat legitimate argument. Our churches have spent countless hours trying to keep things like this out of the homes. It’s no secret that pornography addiction is a struggle for men everywhere. It’s a unavoidable as the aging thing. And if you are in denial that men battle it, then I encourage you to grab yourself a copy of “Men’s Secret Wars” by Patrick Means. The Hubby did a study on this book with his men’s group at church a few years back and I ended up reading most of it when he was done. There is a lot that goes through the minds of our men, things we may not want to admit or acknowledge but they are there. And it’s our jobs as wives and as Christian women to prevent stumbling blocks. {That in itself is a whole different blog.}

However, I do thing that the SEX LIFE of our marriages is important as well. And everyone knows that lingerie is popular among the testosterone driven species. So what does that mean? Personally, I feel that by giving these types of photos to our husbands we may be decreasing a desire or a temptation to seek out pornographic material. Having read interviews [in the book mentioned] with men who struggle with this addiction, most all of them admit to still being in love with and turned on by their wives. Men are also driven by image. Could offering our husbands images of ourselves keep them from seeking out other pictures? Or would it only fuel their ‘need’ for photographic stimulation? {See what I mean, I told you this was controversial!!}

In that aspect, I think that would be a case by case type of thing. Some men it may cease their ‘desire’ all together. To have beautiful, sexy photographs of their wives. I actually read a statistic on a site when I was reading up on this that said that branches of the military were seeing drop in the usage of pornography due to a lot of wives having these types of pictures made and sent overseas with their husbands. Others, it may trigger something else. It may cause more damage than it is worth. But I think that’s something that would just have to be evaluated individually.

Now, the positives. This is just a short list of reasons I think this can be a positive thing. No real research went into this. Just my own opinions. I would actually probably enjoy having something like this done for my husband. With a few strict stipulations. First and foremost, I would only have these types of photographs taken by a trusted and professional female photographer. When I said “I Do” I said it to my husband. These types of pictures would be a gift to him and only to him. No contract allowing the photographer to publish said photos would ever be signed. These would be something sensual and intimate between us only. They would also have to be done in a very tasteful manner. None of that “X-Rated” whips and chains type rubbish. [And yes, there are those who shoot that kind. Trust me, I researched.]

Having had a baby, putting on a few extra pounds, and gotten almost completely out of shape, there are soooo many days when I feel extremely far from “sexy.” Most days, that word isn’t even on the list of how I would describe myself. Usually the words, “plain, dull and ordinary” top the charts. It would be great to feel sexy again. A professional hair stylist and makeup artist to fix me up and make me look phenomenal and a sexy wardrobe would do wonders. All women have the drive and the desire to feel wanted, sexy and beautiful. No matter who you are or what religion you are or where you are from: at some point you have wanted to feel sexy. It would be like being a Victoria’s Secret Model for the day. I like lingerie. Got a ton of it when I got married. I feel sexy and I know that the hubby thinks I look great in it. Why not capture it in a photograph? After all, one day I won’t be young anymore.  :)

What are your thoughts on this? Would this help or hinder a relationship? Or would it even matter? Would it be a stumbling block or a help in preventing temptation? Would YOU ever do this? With what stipulations? Let me hear from you!

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April 24, 2010

Rediscovering Me

Things are moving along at a reasonable pace around here. The days are ticking by…somewhat slowly, but surely. Little Man gets to talk to his daddy once a day or at least every other day, depending on how busy he is. He calls me every night, we talk it up for usually an hour [sometimes a bit longer] and then I crawl into bed by my lonesome and enjoy spreading out and hogging all of the blankets.

The separation and time away from one another is going to have a lasting impact on our marriage. And I mean that in a good way. Hubby and I are already realizing the things that we wish we would have done a wee bit different over the last two years. I am remembering all of the reasons that I fell in love with him, the things that sometimes get over shadowed by my own selfishness and petty frustrations. I know without a shadow of a doubt, now more than ever before, that life without him will never be an option. Ever. We both said in the beginning that divorce was never an option if we hit a point in our marriage where we started to have problems. I concur with that now more than ever. Being without him instills the drive and the desire to make our marriage the best that it can be, forever.

I know it sounds somewhat mundane to say this, especially since I have only been away from Hubby for a week, but I feel like this time away from him is giving me the chance to rediscover who I am. The past two years have been the absolute best two years of my life. Without a shadow of a doubt. I married the only man in the world that I was ever meant to truly love, and together we brought the most amazing little boy into the world. But somewhere during the becoming a wife, packing up and leaving behind the place I was born and raised, and giving birth to our son, I lost who I was. Not completely because there is a part of me that makes an appearance on occasion.

I haven’t quite figured out how to adapt the parts of my life that have changed [the wife and mother roles] with the person that was me. I know that over time everyone changes. It’s inevitable. That’s life. If things didn’t change, our lives would be boring. But there are parts of me that I want to resurface. Desires and passions that I want to rekindle. Ambitions and dreams I want to take hold of again. And I think that Hubby feels the same way about himself. We went through a lot of changes in a short amount of time. We took some big steps and made a lot of leaps in our first two years. And I feel like we didn’t really get the opportunity to adapt to the changes slowly. I sometimes feel like we jumped blind.

I wouldn’t change anything at all. Not even in the slightest.  Don’t think that. I’m happy with the choices we have made and the changes life has thrown our way. And I love where we are. I love my life.

I feel sometimes like maybe I have neglected part of the duties I have as a wife. I can’t really put into words exactly what I mean…but I feel like I have allowed motherhood to become bigger than being a wife. And that comes first. Without my husband, Little Man wouldn’t be here. I know that I’m a good wife in so many ways. [Not to sound arrogant or anything, but I am. Ask my husband. He’ll tell you.] But there are so, so, so many things that I need to do differently.

Same thing with being a mom. There are so many things that I need to change. Things I want to do different. Things I want to change. Things I want to do better. I have a mental list and I am eager to improve some things.

I feel like being back at home, back in Alabama where things are simple and slower, is going to free up my mind. The new Miranda Lambert song “The House that Built Me” sums up some of what I’m feeling. I can’t relate to a specific home or anything, but this place, so much of my past is here. So much of who I was and who I became is here. I need to get in touch with that again. Remember who I wanted to be years ago, get in touch with who I dreamed of being for my husband and my son, and take the steps toward becoming the person I know in my heart that I am.

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April 20, 2010


I’m not exactly sure what to write this morning. My head hurts and I have bags under my eyes the size of baseballs. My nerves are still recovering from the hellacious weekend I experienced. I haven’t really been able to keep a whole lot of food down. If I eat to much, I get queasy. Again, that goes back to my nerves. I feel like I could sleep for days. Literally. Days and days and days.

On a brighter note, the hubby seems to be doing well. I talked to him last night and he’s got a busy couple of weeks ahead of him. Well months really. But the first 3 weeks is all about his EMT Certification. He’s got a lot on his plate, and for that I’m glad. It keeps his mind occupied. And that’s what he needs. To stay focused on what he’s there for. Without having to worry about me and Little Man. As hard as it is on us, I have to be ok. So that he will be ok. He can’t do his best if he’s worried about us. And I we can’t have that.

The time seems to be going by pretty quick I guess. The days are no different than they were in Florida. I’m used to having all day to spend with Little Man, so we have our routines and whatnot. We’re used to hanging out all day. And I like it that way. With his Daddy not here, I feel like he needs some extra attention from mom. And I intend to to give it to him. He’s really enjoying the Web Cam. I think that’s making it easier for him to be away from Hubby. He can’t touch him or play with him, but he can see and hear him. It gets me a little misty eyed when they ‘talk’ to one another, especially toward the end when little man waves goodbye and tries to reach out and touch daddy’s hand. Talk about turning on the water works.

Bedtime is the hardest part of my day. It’s already getting easier, but it’s most certainly the most dreaded and anticipated part. Dreaded cause I have to crawl under the blankets and go to sleep by myself. Something I haven’t done but once or twice since Hubby got back from Pit Stop in 2008. Anticipated because that means that another day has gone by and we can check it off.  We’re down 3 days already. And it’s already after lunch today. As long as things keep ticking by at this pace, I’ll be ok. It’s when and if they start to slow down that I’ll go nuts.

I did a photoshoot on Saturday and I’ve received several emails and inquiries about other possible shoots, just waiting to set some dates. I have two couples shoots and a sister’s shoot schedule for the second week in June. I’ve got a Maternity Shoot scheduled for July. I’ve got a definite interest, just waiting to set a date for a maternity shoot and then later the newborn shoot. Plus a few more in the wood work sprinkled here and there. With school still in right now, all of the dates are up in the air, but once summer actually hits I’m afraid I’m going to be busier than I can handle.

I’m going to try to get my website set up the first of May. I’ve got enough pictures of other people beside my own son to do a few different galleries. And I know I’ll be adding more soon. I’m really excited. Just trying to get everything adjusted and get used to being on a plan and a routine.

I’m going to try to get back to blogging a little more frequently. I got some great feedback from you guys on my guest blogs. I wanted to do a Question and Answer blog where you guys ask and I answer, but I’ve only gotten two questions so far. I was kind of hoping for a little bit more than that. So please email me some.  :) [] Anything you want to ask. About me, my past, our marriage, our family, military life, photography…pretty much anything is up in the air. I’m going to give this another week for you guys to send your questions.

Hope everyone has a great day! I’m off to stand under a hot shower and hope to wake myself up. The late night calls with the husband have me dragging. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And certainly couldn’t sleep until I talked to him.   :) The sacrifices we make for those we love. I know he’s making some too. <3 You Babe!

April 18, 2010

The Best & Worst Day of my Life

I’m back to the blogging world. I’ve been MIA for a little while, but hopefully I am going to be able to get back on some kind of schedule. Some kind of normalcy is much needed. The past week or so things have been way busier and way more frustrating and emotional than I ever cared to have to deal with. But we’re dealing. The best way that we can with the best attitude that we can.

First, I do want to thank each and every single one of you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers on Saturday. I received emails, tweets, retweets, facebook messages and comments from so many of you and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. I could literally feel you guys’ prayers working and there was an innate sense of peace and ease that came and went throughout the day. And I know that that was thanks to all of you lifting me, my husband and our little boy up. So thank you.  :)

Saturday was quite easily the hardest day of my life. I might even go as far as to say it was the worst. Definitely one of the worst to date, I will admit. I do not do good with ‘goodbyes’ at all. And there were way more of them on Saturday than I wanted to deal with. We went out to eat Friday night and tried to relax and take our minds off of everything, but the fact that hubby had to leave the next day was still a dark and looming damper on our night. When we got back and got the packing done and the little man put to bed, I lost it. When the lights got turned off and hubby and I crawled in bed for the last night for a while, I couldn’t pretend that it was all ok anymore.

I cried. And cried. And cried. And cried. Then I fell asleep, woke up and cried some more. Watched hubby tell Little Man goodbye and cried even harder. Made it to the Montgomery Airport without crying, but lost it again in the terminal. Then when I thought I had finally regained some composure, they announced the boarding call for his flight. And that was it. I went to pieces. He got upset. The people around us were staring at us with the look of pity because they were having to watch our very emotional goodbye.

But what can I say? I am absolutely totally and completely even MORE head over heels in love with my husband today than I was when we got married two years ago. Two years ago to the date actually.  :) Yep. Today is our anniversary and I will be spending it alone for the most part. And to be honest, if I can’t spend it with hubby, then I would rather be alone. Not with anyone else [except for little man of course]. So my plan for today is to catch up on some blogs, finishing editing most of the pictures from my Saturday photoshoot, and relax. I bought a movie out of the $5 bin at Walmart last night and I’ll probably watch it, take little man out to play in the yard and just chill.

This day two years ago was the absolute happiest day of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband, and certainly couldn’t have found one that would compliment me and complete me any better than Hubby does. It’s almost scary sometimes, and we tend to feed off of one another. When he gets hyped up about something, so do I. When I am mellow and relaxed, so is he. We just coordinate so naturally. I know that the only way two people could have ever been so perfectly compatible was if the Good Lord paired them together, and he so obviously did.

So today, while I just got over [and still am getting over] the worst day of my life, I’m going to enjoy what will always mark the best day of my life. The past two years have been full of moments and memories that I will cherish for years and years and years to come. And while we are apart today, there is no one else I would rather belong to. No one else I would rather have to deal with this separation with. It’s like Lady Antebellum sings: I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all…

I’d rather hurt and have my moments of being upset that hubby isn’t here with us right now, than to not feel anything. Than to not even have anyone to feel anything for. We may not be together today, but I’m still the love struck girl I was on my wedding day. And that feeling only gets stronger with each passing day. And so, to my husband-who I know at some point today will read this blog-I leave this:

You are the love of my life…the one person that truly understands me and completes me…and the only person I could ever imagine spending my life with. I thank God for bringing us together every single day and stand in awe at the fact that someone as amazing as you could love me.  :) You are a wonderful husband, an amazing father and a good man. A man that I am proud to have standing beside me through thick and thin, good times and bad, trials and triumphs. I am so proud of you and all that you have done and are yet to do. I know we can’t be together today, but there is no one else that I would rather be celebrating this occasion with. I love you more than you will ever know. Loved you yesterday, love you still. Always have, always will. You’re the best.

Go ahead and cue the synchronized ‘Awwwww…"’ if you want. This separation thing is hard, and I’m sure I’ll probably even shed a few tears before the day is over. But I know that all of this is temporary and that things are going to get easier. Little Man and I are probably going to fly out in a few weeks to visit once things settle down for him and until then we’ll just tick off the days until our little family is back together again.

April 19, 2008 was the beginning of our life together. As a unit. As husband and wife. As partners. And today, two years later, April 19 marks the beginning of a whole new phase of our lives. A time in our lives that is just as scary, new and exciting as the beginning of our marriage was. But there’s no one else I’d rather walk this path with. Hand in hand we’ll tackle whatever life throws at us. Because we are in fact a team. A unit. A partnership.

I love you so much, babe! I hope you have a wonderful first day of class. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I miss you and so does the Monkey Man! Study hard! Do Good! Hurry home!!! :) Mwah!

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April 14, 2010

Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

I am so excited to have Melinda from Living on One {and 1/4} Income blogging for me today. I discovered Melinda very early on in my blogging ‘career.’ She  has been quite a faithful follower and her posts are always exciting and interesting.

Today, Melinda is giving us some fantastic ideas for handmade Mother’s Day presents for those awesome Grandmothers & Great-grandmothers.


I like to have my kids make gifts for mothers’ day for their grandmothers and their great grandmother.  It is fun for the kids and (I think) more meaningful for the grandma’s and great grandma’s.   So this year I was looking around online for an idea.  I wanted my kids to plant flowers.  But more than that I want them to make or decorate the containers that the flowers will go into. After some searching I found a few ideas that I combined into one (frugal) idea.

I know it is early to get started, but if you are growing seeds and want the
gift to have an actual plant then now is the time to get started!

To start I bought impatient seeds.  The packet says they do well indoors as
well as outdoors.  Hopefully this is true!  If not, at least the pot will be
re-usable.  I was going to buy terra cotta planters but they are breakable.
And my kids are VERY good at breaking things.  So we settled on some plastic containers that I found at Target for 99 cents.

All the ideas I found online suggested using acrylic paints.  Those stain.
Again, my kids are VERY good at staining things.  So instead I came up with a compromise.  We will paint with poster paints and then I alone will spray the containers with a clear acrylic, water proof coating that adheres to plastic. After looking at a few sprays I even found one that is UV protective at Michaels.  That cost $6.99.

So far I have spent less than $12 dollars on the gifts.  All that is left to
buy is the soil which I can pick up for about $3 (and use the remainder for
starting my garden!).  So the total for the gifts for three wonderful women is less than $13.  Not bad!

I thought about having the kids go to town with painting the pots.  And while I am sure they would be masterpieces I want something that will be used for awhile.  So instead I decided to have them make handprint tulips on each pot. Two handprints per kid, and two kids= four tulips on each pot.  I allowed Madeline to choose the colors for each flower pot for her hands.  Then after allowing the handprints to dry I went back with green paint and added in leaves and stems.  With a sharpie marker I wrote the child’s initials under each handprint and around the rim I wrote Happy Mother’s Day and the year. Jon then sprayed them with the acrylic gloss sealer to make them waterproof.

On the second day we added soil and seeds.  We will water the plants and
hopefully have some beautiful plants to give away on Mothers’ Day next month. My backup plan if the flowers do not grow is to go out and buy some flowers and replant them.  Hopefully I won’t have to do it, but it could happen!  I also plan to tie a pretty ribbon around each pot.

Come visit me closer to mother’s day to see how our plants turned out!


This is such a great idea! Since we [and by “we” I mean Little Man and I] are going to be home for Mother’s Day this year, this is going to make a PERFECT gift for Little’s Man’s grandmothers! I know Melinda and myself would both love to see pictures if you guys decide to do something like this for Mother’s Day! Please feel free to share photos. {Hint Hint :)  }


April 12, 2010

Writing Your Spouse a Love Letter

S&S Red Logo

I ran across Alecia at Savings & Stewardship via the “Friday Follow” back at the beginning of January. I stumbled across her blog at the peak of my frustration with coupon clipping and attempting to save money. I have to say that her blog was somewhat of a God-send because I have learned so much and found some amazing deals through her site. Alecia and her family of four work to pinch their pennies and spend what God has given them wisely. She has sent me a wonderful post today about the importance of romance and how we can write love letters to our significant others.


A few weeks ago, I received a great little packet in the mail from The Foundation for a Great Marriage, Inc. It is a love letter kit called "Write from the Heart". I loved the concept so much that I thought I would share their recommendations with all of you.  Marriage can be a lot of work, but it is well worth it, and it takes more to destroy a marriage than to build one.

Take a few moments over the next few days to write your spouse a love letter and remind them of all the wonderful reasons that you are thankful they are sharing their life with you!'s
Tips on Writing a Love Letter:

* Clear your desk and your mind of distractions. If you love someone enough to craft this letter, he or she deserves your full attention.

* Place a picture of the one you love in front of you and put on your favorite music.

* On another sheet of letter paper, make two lists: A) the unique qualities you love about him/her; B) your hopes for the future together.

* In the body of the love letter, begin by telling him/her what you think makes him/her so special. List at least three different qualities of the one you love in the letter.

* In the following paragraph of your love letter, share your hopes and dreams for the future you can have together. Don't be afraid to use some lines from some of your favorite, loving songs. Share the real you and end with a loving thought.

* Send your letter!

To request your Love Letter Kit, click here.


I love this idea! I’ve written my hubby notes and little letters and stuff in the past, but this is such a great outline for really getting your point across as to what you are trying to say. I know us women don’t have as much trouble putting our feelings on paper as our husbands do, but this is still a good start for those who don’t find the words coming so easily. With hubby being gone all summer this year, I think I may definitely have write one of these and stick it in his suitcase….hmm. :)

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April 11, 2010

Getting to Know You

I played along with this last week [I think it was last week…my days are all running together at this point] and wanted to join in again this week. It’s hosted by MannLand5. You just copy and paste her fun questions and fill in your answers.  Simple, right?


1. What color do you wear the most? I wear a lot of black and brown. I really don’t own a whole lot of color…a few darker items of clothing and some white, but I wear mostly neutral.

2. Would you rather have $10,000 dollars or a dream vacation? $10,000 easy. Do you KNOW how much photography stuff I could buy with that? Or how many bills I could get paid off?

3. Do you have a weird, quirky or unusual habit? I am obsessive compulsive about my kitchen being clean and my floor being swept. I can’t stand crumbs and dirt and junk all over the place. It irks the stew out of me. I am also weird about how things look when I write them. If I don’t like the way that it looks I tear out the page and rewrite it.

4. I really need to start..........? Running and Exercising again. I used to do it all the time, but I have slacked off.

5. What was the first blog you ever read? Hmmm…I honestly can not even remember.

6. Do you collect anything? Notebooks and Journals. Lots of them are empty…I tend to buy new ones when I like them. I collect scrapbook stuff…if you could call that collecting.

7. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Depends on what kind of kiss you mean. I had a boy kiss me by the water fountain in Kindergarten. But I didn’t have my first real kiss until I think the 7th Grade.

8. Do you text/twitter while driving? I try not to. I usually do it at a stop sign or at a red light or something. But normally there isn’t anything that important for me to post.

That’s all for today, guys. I’m beat. I would love to turn in Early for the Evening, but tonight is the Season Premier of ARMY WIVES and there is NOOOO way I’m missing that one.  :)

April 10, 2010

Facing Reality

The realization that Hubby is leaving us next weekend is finally starting to hit me. We’ve put off talking about it. Avoided the topic all together. And even tried to pretend it wasn’t coming. But it is. And I don’t like it. Not one teeny tiny bit. I know that I’m going to be “ok” and that I will adjust to it, but right now, as I sit in the kitchen and let the thoughts actually come to me, I know that I am definitely going to have moments of not being ok.

Little Man and I are accustomed to it just being me and him during the day…usually from early, early morning [before he even gets up] until at least 4:00. Those hours I will be able to handle because it won’t be any different than any other work day for Hubby. We have our little routines and schedules and that’s bearable.

What’s going to get to me is the evening hours. Especially bed time. No one here to tuck Little Man in with me. No one to bicker over who’s going to get to watch what on TV [though, it will be nice to be able to watch all of my shows without having to make a case as to why I deserve the TV]. No one to lay in bed and talk to when the lights are off. No one to vent to when I’m frustrated before bed. No one to stick my cold feet on as I get ready to go to sleep. No one to snuggle up with. Those thoughts upset me. Those thoughts make me not want to deal with this. Not want to endure this.

I’m remaining positive though. I keep reminding myself that this could certainly be worse. I don’t want to whine about 4 months of being separated from my Husband. Especially since there are other women whose husbands are over seas in dangerous War Zones. Mine is going to be on a base. Safe and secure, studying. My son is going to be able to talk to his daddy everyday on the phone and on the webcam. Other little kids may go days and weeks at a time without seeing or speaking to their children. Other military families don’t get the opportunity or have the ability to fly out and visit their husbands and daddy’s when they want to. We can. We can fly out as often as we want, pretty much. So I know that in all actuality it could be worse.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love my husband more than anyone or anything else in this world. It doesn’t mean that, even though we could wring each others necks at some point-nearly everyday-I want to be away from him. I love being with my husband. I love being around my husband. I love all of the little things that we do together. I love all of the inside jokes and the way that we can read each others thought and know what the other is going to do before we do it. And those are the kinds of things that I will miss.

And even though I know that it won’t, there is still a part of me that worries [well, more or less just wonders] that things will change while he is gone. That everything won’t be the same when he gets back. That terrifies me. Time does strange things. It changes people. Situations change people. Circumstances change people. And while I know that I love my husband and that my husband loves me, the human nature in me still has the tendency to wonder and fear.

The last time Hubby was away was only for 30 days. I remember how much I grew spiritually during that time. I hadn’t discovered blogging yet and had no where else to turn except to God. Sometimes the pain of being away from Hubby was too much for me to bare and people who’ve never experienced being away from their spouse (or someone they love as much as a spouse…) don’t understand what you are facing. They don’t grasp the hollowness that you can feel.

And I really worry about Little Man. I know how attached he is to his daddy. I am scared of how he is going to react to him being away for so long. We’re going to have webcam. And we’re going to be able to talk on Facebook and on the phone and on text messaging and all of that. But he doesn’t understand what’s going on. And I’m afraid he won’t know why his daddy isn’t here. Why he can’t hug his daddy or kiss his daddy or play with his daddy.

I think the part of me that is upset and worried about this, is upset and worried mostly for him. It certainly won’t be easy for the little guy. He is his daddy’s boy through and through and he idolizes the ground that Hubby walks on.

I know that I’m going to shed a lot of tears next week. Especially on Saturday. It’s not going to be easy. The next 4 months aren’t going to be easy. But I know that this is right. This is what Hubby is meant to do. This is going to take us down another path toward bigger and better things for our family. I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m nervous. And I’m ready. I’m prepared to deal with this. I’m a pretty emotionally strong woman. I know I can do this. I know I can. Because I have to. Because I need to. Because I want to.

I want to be a rock for my son. I want to be ok for my husband…because believe me, he isn’t excited about leaving us either. And if I’m ok, then I know that he’s going to be able to do his best and concentrate on his work at school. Because he knows that I can and am handling it. This is just another step toward where we want to be. Toward accomplishing what we want to accomplish.

I would like to ask that you guys think about us this week. Say a prayer or two, if you would. I can talk all of this ‘being prepared’ and ‘being ready’ talk…but Saturday I will have to put it into action. And I’m not sure, at this point, if I am ready to do that.

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April 9, 2010

Maybe I should charge by the hour…

I am super excited to have The Mommyologist guest posting for me today. Mary actually found me first several, several months ago before she switched over to Wordpress land. She left some sweet comments and I knew that I had to check out her site. I am so glad that I did. Her humor and her wit make for an always interesting and exciting read. I can’t get through one of her posts without cracking up. And just to prove this to you, I’ve got one of her witty posts to share with all of you!


I have lived in my current neighborhood for a little over three years, and honestly, I couldn't be happier here.  It is one of those "one-in-a-million" neighborhoods in America where people still leave their doors unlocked and never think twice about something bad happening.  It's one of those neighborhoods where your neighbor will give you a call if you forget to shut your garage door at night not because they are concerned that someone will break in, but because they are worried that a wild turkey will find its way in there during the night and leave you a pile of fresh turds as a morning wake-up call.  And it's one of those neighborhoods where people actually wave to their neighbors as they drive by instead of speeding up the car and looking straight ahead to avoid having to make eye contact.  For the record, I absolutely love my neighborhood, and if I have it my way, we will be here until our son graduates from high school.  But that doesn't mean that I don't dream of packing up the house and moving to some other picturesque small town in Connecticut at least once or twice a week.

Somewhere in the past month, I have gone from being the "mom-next-door" to the resident neighborhood therapist.  And it's starting to drive me a bit crazy.  So crazy in fact, that I'm thinking I should start charging by the hour for my services.

For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you know just how much trash I talk about the guy next door. And please don't even feel sorry for this dude for one second because he deserves every ounce of smack that I dish out.  I mean, I guess he is a decent enough guy, but he doesn't have one ounce of courtesy in his body.  I cannot tell you how many times my husband and I have been woken up at 5:00am on a Saturday morning because he's out there with the snowblower after we've only gotten a dusting.  And I can't tell you how many times this dude fired up the chainsaw or weed-wacker just as I laid down on the couch on a random afternoon to catch a few Z's while my son was napping after having been up with him at 4:00am that morning.  And recently, I can't tell you how many times my few moments of serenity during my first morning cup of coffee have been ruined by him taking the riding lawnmower for a spin.  Did I mention that there is no grass yet?

Of course, whenever I'm out in the yard with my little man and this guy happens to be outside too, I always smile and say hello.  I mean, I wouldn't want him to know that I secretly have dreams of showing up on his doorstep in the middle of the night with an air horn. 

A few weeks ago, I laid eyes on just about the sweetest sight I'd ever seen.  That's right...there now stands a beautiful, shiny "For Sale" sign in this wack-job's perfectly manicured lawn.  I was seriously more excited about that sign than I was about planning our next vacation.  Honestly, the best vacation I could have would be a few hours of quiet around my house without interruption from some piece of yard equipment.

There had been rumors floating around that this man and his wife were divorcing, but nobody really knew if that was the real story.  That is, nobody knew until he decided to make his way over into my yard the other day while I was out playing with my son.  I made the mistake of commenting about the sign in the yard and said something along the lines of, "So, you guys are moving, huh?" 


About 40 minutes later, I truthfully wanted lightning to strike me because this dude took my tiny little question about that For Sale sign as an open invitation to unload every last dirty detail of his divorce onto my shoulders.  He told me that his wife was completely controlling and neurotic.  He told me that they didn't have do I say this politely..."passion" in their marriage anymore.  And then he even told me about his old girlfriend from high school that he's been talking to again.

I got lucky on this particular day, because my son finally decided that he'd had just about enough of me talking to the wack-job neighbor, so he whined and pulled on my leg and told me that he was hungry and wanted to go inside.  I swear that my kid was completely in-tune to the fact that I'd had just about enough.  I practically have to force feed the little guy to get him to eat on a daily basis, and his profession of hunger was just totally out of character for him.  I think he knew that I needed an OUT.  I scooped him up and scurried into my house and was thankful that I was finally off the hook.

But apparently this guy didn't quite feel that he'd vented enough yet.  He did the exact same thing the very next day.  And now each and every time that he sees me out in the yard, he smiles real big and waves at me like we're old buddies.

And I don't know whether to feel bad that this dude has no one else to talk to and has chosen to unload his dirty laundry on me and is completely unaware of the fact that I've trash-talked him for three years or whether to send him an invoice.

I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and this is the only time that I've ever used it and I'm not even getting paid. 

Did I mention that there was an offer on the house but he turned it down?  And did I mention that there are six other similar houses for sale in this neighborhood and every time that someone looks at his they also look at those other six?  And did I mention that he is thinking of buying a smaller house down at the bottom of the hill after this one sells, so he may not actually LEAVE the neighborhood?

I'd better go apply for a Student Loan.  I think I'm gonna need a Master's Degree.


This post cracked me up. Mainly because I’ve been in the same situation before. People whining and griping and complaining….like I care. Hopefully Mary will soon be neighborless…lets just hope that whoever buys his house doesn’t require daily counseling.  :)

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April 8, 2010

It’s Party Time!!

Welcome everyone to the ultimate blogging party! I am so, so happy that you are here and I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you! I have a whole giant “About Me” Section at the top that you can click on for all of the details about yours truly. But I know how many other party people are out there that you want to visit, so I’ll just give you a teeny tiny introduction so you atleast have some idea as to who I am.  :) I invite you to grab a chair [if you can find one buried underneath all of the toys] and a cup of coffee and relax. Make yourself at home!

My name is Courtney. I am a military wife and stay at home mommy to one sweet Little Man. I grew up in Small Town, Alabama, married and moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida and now will be spending my summer back here in Alabama while the Hubby is in A-School. Then we’ll see where the government is planning to take us.

I’m a born again sinner saved by Grace. I’m an obsessive cleaner and insanely and ridiculously organized. I like color-coordinating. I buy notebooks and journals just because and rarely, if ever, fill them up. I love to decorate and have a bit of a flair for interior design. HGTv is my LOVE. I eat too much junk food and I’m addicted to Starbucks {specifically their White Mocha Frappacino’s-make it a Venti, please}. When I’m not chasing our son around the house like a mad woman, I spend my time blogging and taking or editing photographs.I’m in the process right now of taking my photography hobby and turning it into a business. If you want, you can read all about it here. 

My blog is a little bit of everything. I can’t really say that I stick to writing specifically about one or two topics. I write a lot about marriage and parenting. I do my share of venting. I enjoy cooking, so you’re sure to find some recipes here as well. And crafting…I don’t really have the room to craft right now since I don’t even have my own home, but there are some really fun projects that can be found here as well. Anything you are searching for can be found in the left sidebar. Just give those nice little tabs a click and they’ll take you where you want to go.  :)

There are also tons of prizes this year being awarded to those who are participating in the blog hop! Personally, I would love to get my hand on any of the Amazon gift certificates being given. I could always use those for something. And Janice Yurek is giving away $25 Starbucks Gift Card. Lord knows I could use that one! But the one that I’ve already got my heart set on is the $200 Apple Gift Certificate being awarded by CmomGo. I’m buying a MacBook this summer and that would sure help me out!

I’m so happy that you are here! I have already made some wonderful friends via blogging and I look forward to forming friendships with all of you! If you leave a comment, be sure to leave your email address as well :) I like to correspond with all of you that way! Hope you enjoy your visit and I hope to ‘see’ you all around!!

*PS: I can found on Twitter and on Facebook. I have Network Blogs and Fun Fan Page for this site. I would love it if you would follow/become a fan.  :)

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April 7, 2010


My lovely friend Amanda at A Mom & Two Boys has written a fantastic post for you guys today! I found Amanda through our love of photography and our love for sweet little boys! {I only have one, but her two are precious!!} She is such a sweet gal and her love for Christ is unmistakable. I highly encourage you to head over and check her stuff out.



I have been mulling over a post on contentment for some time...
My fear was the belief that as soon as I described my life as contented, something would change, I would succumb to a terrible fate...discontent.
Or worse, something tragic would occur as I often fear because at times I feel too blessed (my husband disagrees with outlook....often saying I worry too much).

But the truth is, I feel contented MOST of the time...

It is true that we are living paycheck to paycheck as KKS pursues his degree.

It is true that I am still trying to lose 10 lbs.

It is true that we have heartbreaking extended family struggles whose theme finds their way into my dreams.

It is true that if I had a choice I would NOT work outside the home, but would spend more time with my boys and become a writer.

It is true that our house is 1460 square feet and at times it feels much smaller.

It is true that KKS and I have evenings where neither one of us want to talk or look at each other.

It is true that I have moments of insecurity, moments where my flaws seem so much bigger than anything good in me.

It is true that there are times I beat myself up over things I should or should not have said and done...

BUT the definition of contentment is this: quietly happy and satisfied: peacefully happy and satisfied with the way things are or with what has been done...

And I do feel at peace, because while those things above are the truth, I have found the other side of the coin....

We live paycheck to paycheck, but we pay all of our bills, have food on our table, often splurging on a couple things here and there...

We have found a new appreciation for garage sales, Goodwill and Name Brand Clothing...

And my husband is thrilled to be back in school, something he really never thought would happen...

The extra 10 pounds are still there but my husband thinks I am attractive and according to BMI calculations I weigh what I "should"...without giving up coveted sweets...

Even though we have those heartbreaking extended family struggles, we have members of our family that love us unconditionally...And even if we didn't we are an incredibly tight family unit all on our own…

Yes, I work outside the home at least 40 hours a week BUT it is a cushy job with great hours and quite a few paid holidays....And this job allows us so many wonderful opportunities our family would not otherwise have...

My in-laws keep our boys while I work.....LOVE them like crazy, teach them, take them to the library and feed them organic, home cooked meals...

I my blog, which might inspire me to do more one of these days....

My 1460 sq foot house is decorated, lived in and isn't just a house it is a home...a home cluttered with toys that slowly sneak out of the playroom after they have been put to rest night after night. It is a home where I am proud to invite people, host holidays and family meals. It is a home filled with giggles, mooches, cuddling and love.

My husband-oh my husband- who can push the buttons that frustrate me but who can make me laugh out loud moments later, who still gives me butterflies with a simple smile, look or word and whom I will adore forever....we have THAT marriage...the one I have always wanted....

My insecurity, my flaws.......they are there, they are always there but I have a God who sees right to the heart of me, who is NOT surprised by my flaws and whom when asks forgives them, wipes the slate clean...

So this week I see the heads up side of the coin which happens more often than not. The slow transformation from a once overly anxious little girl, teenager, woman will never be complete. I will not find the perfection for which I have so desperately sought. I have discovered, after much futile searching, happiness comes from abandoning the search and living for today.

Buying curtains at Wal-Mart and a wall hanging at a garage sale...

Combining clothes I already have rather than searching for new...

Enjoying a library book rather than purchasing...

Being a best friend to my husband and embracing him as mine rather than worrying about finding one, grateful he desires that relationship...

Preferring a home cooked meal to a restaurant, a rented movie to one in the theater....

Believing in my ability to be a great mommy, while learning from my mistakes...

Choosing imperfection...

Happy I am ME...


This post hit home with me like you wouldn’t believe! I have always struggled with contentment. Always thinking I needed more or wanted more than I had. Once you have a child and get married, things take on a different perspective and different meanings. I have found myself content and happy in the circumstances that used to would have made my semi-arrogant former self cringe. These days I find myself longing for nights on the couch with a RedBox movie…ordering in a pizza or cooking side by side with my husband instead of going out to eat…enjoying quiet time in the Library or bookstore over having to fight for silence to read in at home.

Life isn’t perfect, but imperfection is beautiful.

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April 6, 2010

What else did you expect? [An Easter Post]

If you thought you weren’t going to get to catch a glimpse of what we spent our Easter weekend doing, then you were wrong.  :) It took me a day or two to get all of the pictures edited, but I finally finished last night at about 10:30. We had a chaotic and exhausting weekend and I’m very happy to say that it is over. Little Man is having a hard time readjusting to Hubby and I being here so we’ve been battling bedtime for several days.

The only person who is able to get him to even stay in his bed, is Hubby’s mom. If anyone else tries to lay him down, he gets up and follows them out {He’s in a toddler bed, in case you missed that post earlier}. Saturday night my MIL had to stay with Hubby’s grandmother…leaving us at home to put Little Man in bed ourselves. Needless to say at 9:30, after almost 2 hours of trying, Little Man was still awake and cranky. We ended up driving him to Hubby’s grandmothers house just so my mother in law could put him to bed. Talk about a mommy fail. I’ve been having a hard time with that.

Not to mention, Hubby’s egotistical, thinks she knows everything about everything Aunt smashed my mothering skills to everyone in the family on Sunday and had the audacity to act like I didn’t know she did it. If you caught any of my tweets from Sunday, then you probably noticed my posts about my high blood pressure and frustration levels running on over drive. That would be why. I was very, very irritated. Other than that, however, we enjoyed our weekend. Hubby took me to see The Last Song on Sunday night and we went to Olive Garden for a little “us” time. It was much needed and the movie was fantastic! I was very impressed with the selection of actors for the movie. Definitely one I could sit through in theatres again.

Anywho. Now that I am done rambling, I’ll show you the pictures from Easter. :) I know you are dying to see them.
210 This is the attitude we had for most of the day Sunday. The pollen index up here is SKY HIGH and Little Man’s allergies aren’t liking it.
255-2-2 All of the Great-Grandsons, except for one…he wasn’t there yet.
Hubby’s family [minus me because I’m behind the camera.]
Little Man with Mama Nell…
We did manage to get him to hunt a few eggs…he thought they were for throwing, so he ended up tossing them back on the ground.
This particular egg had a bouncy ball inside. When he found it, the egg hunting was over.
Tuckered out…
Little Man really had a good time with the eggs and the candy. Oh, and the Easter Bunny brought him a few goodies as well.
194 195Oh yeah. You’re seeing that correctly. Those are Veggie Tales peeps.
And a Larry the Cucumber sucker…I actually found all of that at Walmart. I didn’t even know they carried Veggie Tales. Maybe it was just an Easter thing, but Little Man loved it.
Anywho. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I promise I haven’t forgotten about all of your blogs. I am going to get caught back up and leave you all lots and lots and lots of comments. Make sure you come back and check out the Guest Bloggers I have lined up this week! There is some really great stuff planned! Have a great day guys!

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April 5, 2010

Let’s Talk S-E-X (PG-13 Post)


My lovely, lovely friend Mandi is our Guest today.  Mandy and I found one another long, long time ago when we were both little knowns in the Blog World and have since grown together into larger, more widely read sites. A resident of Alabama [and an Auburn fan. YUCK! :) ], Mandi is a former perfectionist learning how to handle the sometimes not so perfect aspects of life, marriage and motherhood. Being the uber-cool lady that she is, Mandi has written a fantastic post about how important Sex is in marriage.


Quick! If you have kids around you may want to get them away from the computer! This post is rated PG13! Yowza! This post is about SEX!

It is so important in a marriage yet it is hardly ever discussed. Well, not today! We are bringing this out in the open! Did you know in 2006 Newsweek did a study that found 15% - 20% of marriages were “sexless”? Meaning, they had sex 10 or fewer times a year. I have heard of women going six or more months without having sex one time. Men need to have a “sexual release” once every few days so why are we women not giving our husbands what they need on a regular basis?

Sex brings your marriage closer, makes your partner feel loved, relieves stress, has many health benefits and is just plain enjoyable. So why are a lot of women letting moth balls eat away at their lingerie? I feel we have too many excuses. In this post we are going to look at four of the most common excuses we use to skip sex and see how we can start bringing some more action underneath our sheets.

“I don’t have any time left for sex”.

Make time. If you wait for it to just happen then chances are it won’t. We are busy moms even if you just have one child. It is tough taking care of children, keeping the house clean, making meals, keeping up with the laundry, running errands, going to church, having some kind of hobby and whatever else you do on a regular basis. For me, by 8pm I am wiped out. I am not exactly in the mood after a long day. Many times I would rather go right to sleep. It’s not going to just happen on its own. You need to plan for it. Even if you don’t physically write down your daily schedule you still have a tentative one in your head.

Either block out some time for your man on paper or do it in your head. Maybe the best time is in the morning for you. For me it is at night. So instead of working or watching television, I know at 9pm we need to head to the bedroom. Am I tired? Yes. Could I skip “it” and go straight to sleep? Yes. Do I ever wish I had gone to sleep instead? NO! If you can make time for dishes and laundry you can make time for your husband. Plan on a certain time and stick to it.

“It’s too hard to get alone time when you have kids”.

I will admit, this can be very tricky but it is possible. Growing up I would spend the night with my best friend all the time. I remember her parents had this rule: If the bedroom door is closed then do not bother her parents unless someone was hurt. My friend knew if she was to get her parents for anything when their door was shut and no one was in danger then she would be in big trouble. It was only after I grew up before I realized why they had this rule! It is definitely a rule for when your kids are a little older but even with babies and toddlers you can still find alone time. Your kids take a nap right? They go to bed a decent time right? What’s thirty minutes…. Or less? The two of you can spare that right?

Once after my husband came back from a business trip I set my daughter up with some Cheerios in her high chair and popped in a Baby Einstein. The video is about 40 minutes long and she was quiet the entire time. I don’t do that all the time but on special occasions you do what works!

“I’m just not in the mood”.

Want to know something? Most of the time I’m not in the mood either. I’ve had a long day and the last thing on my mind is sex. In fact, it feels like a chore… one more thing I need to do. But what if you were trying to talk to your husband about something important… something you had been waiting to talk about all day and before you could even start he told you to stop talking, he didn’t want to hear anything, he just wanted to go to sleep and the last thing he wanted was to hear your voice. Wouldn’t that be awful? I know it would hurt my feelings. What if you said to him that when he listens to you it shows that he loves you and he said he just wasn’t in the mood to make you feel loved?

That’s how you make your husband feel when you constantly turn down his advances. Men like sex but it is also a way for them to feel loved and desired by their wives. When you refuse sex to your husband you make him feel undesirable and unloved. So what do you do? Take a lesson from Nike and “Just Do It”. Sometimes it helps to take five minutes to freshen up, slip on something sexy, brush your hair and teeth and maybe spray some perfume on. It helps to “get your head in the game” so to speak. Even if you still aren’t quite in the mood then don’t worry. Chances are you’ll eventually get into it! Like I said before, I have never regretted it! Plus, when you give your husband what he needs and desires he will be more likely to return the favor by giving you what you need and desire (do the dishes, sweep the floor, etc….).

“I don’t feel attractive any more so how can my husband still want me?”

I can definitely relate to this! I still weigh 30 pounds more than what I did before getting pregnant and it’s been over a year since having my daughter! The weight is so slow to come off and in the meantime I can barely look at my body in the mirror. However, my husband, as much as he loves a slim and trim body, thinks I am one sexy momma! Your husband probably feels the same way about you. He doesn’t see what you see. He sees the wife he fell in love with and the wife that can still get his fires burning. My husband once told me it’s more about attitude than anything else. If you act sexy then you will be even sexier to your man. I know it’s easier said than done but there are some things you can do to make you feel a little sexier.

Exercise can actually make you feel better about yourself even if your body hasn’t yet changed. Take off the nursing bra and put on a red lacy bra once in a while. Pretty underwear can make you feel much better about yourself. Shave your legs! There is nothing sexier than soft and smooth legs. (Your husband will appreciate this too.) Put on make up in the morning and fix your hair. Or if you are like me do it right before your husband comes home from work. One thing I do is use gradual self tanner lotion. Having a nice color makes me feel pretty. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself do it so that your sexy attitude can come out more in the bedroom!

So what about you? Are you making excuses about skipping sex? If you are then STOP! Your husband loves you and needs you. But you also need your husband even if you don’t realize it. Make sex a priority in your relationship again. Shave your legs, dust off that lingerie, set a time for some action, lock your bedroom door and remember what it’s like to be lovers again and not just parents. Enjoy your time with your man and enjoy it often! You won’t regret it!

-Mandi Miller-


I’ll be honest. This was something that hubby and I initially struggled with a little bit right after Little Man was born. But after a few weeks of adjusting to life with a newborn, we made the decision to go right back to the sheets and make time for us. As Mandi said, it wasn’t and still isn’t always easy. Having a toddler running around all day, a house to clean, errands to run, a business to start up, a blog to manage…it’s not always the first thing on my mind.

But I notice that when we make the conscious effort to ‘be’ together, everything else in our marriage flows better too. We communicate better, argue less, and laugh more. Hubby and I both get uptight and stressed out with the different things that come our way, but we always push ourselves to enjoy one another and forget about the rest. I encourage all of you to examine this area of your lives and make the effort too. You and your husband will both be glad that you did.  :)


April 3, 2010

Home at last

Ok. So we’ve been home since Thursday night, but this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down at the computer and actually write a blog. Things have been in a whirlwind since we got here and I’m having to readjust to being ‘mommy’ full time.

We made the trip home in a little less than 6 hours, despite traffic delays and only one potty break {Yep. Just one. Yay me!} Little Man greeted us in a state of shock. He couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that we were actually there. Took him about 4 hours or so to readjust to us. He still wanted Grandmamma for nearly everything. The Mother in law had a home-cooked meal prepared for us when we got here {Chicken Casserole, Fried Okra, and Mac & Cheese} so we didn’t even have to fool with finding supper.

Apparently Little Man had been sleeping in a toddler bed the entire time he’s been here. A toddler bed with no rails that he can just climb out of. And supposedly he was sleeping soundly, all night long. Not Thursday night. He woke up at 12:30 and came walking into mine and hubby’s room and wouldn’t go back to bed. Seriously. I could not get him to get back in the bed and go to sleep. Every time I laid him down, he’d climb out of the bed, open the door and come back in our room. Hubby’s mom finally had to get up and put him back down because he wouldn’t stay for me. Then he was up before 7 am yesterday morning and wouldn’t nap at all…all day long.

Yesterday was a long day, but things are starting out better today. The readjustment time is killer. I have to get back into my mommy mindset and Little Man definitely needs the time to readjust himself to the way things work when Mommy and Daddy are around. He’s done great though from what I hear. Well behaved and comical, as is his usual. Managed to get him to lay down for a nap this morning, so hopefully this afternoon he will be willing to cooperate when we go out visiting.

I got everything unpacked and situated {finally}. All of our clothes are hung and folded and put away. The closet looks like it is going to cave in because of all of the stuff everywhere. All of hubby’s clothes, my clothes and Little Man’s clothes are hanging in one closet, and all of our fold up clothes are snuggled up into 4 dresser drawers. It’s kind of funny to be honest. We’ll have a little bit more room after Hubby goes to school so it’s not that big of a deal.

He’s got all of his school clothes laid out and getting ready to be dry cleaned and a few things need to be hemmed and stitched. But everything, except for his new work boots, is here and waiting to be shoved into that hideous green sea bag. I’m on strict orders [ok, well maybe not ‘orders’] not to discuss school right now. We’re going to enjoy our time together for the next two weeks and let that be it. Hubby is taking me to see both of the Nicholas Sparks movies that are out {Dear John and The Last Song} and we’re thinking of heading down to the beach next weekend. We shall see.

Is everyone ready for Easter?

We’re not. Not even close. I picked Little Man up a few small things Thursday morning in Florida for his Easter Basket. But Daddy was so excited to see him that he couldn’t wait until tomorrow to give him his stuff. So now I have to start all over and restock his basket. Not that he really understands what’s going on and all of that, but still. We’re going to dye Easter Eggs at some point today and Hubby & I have both got to go find something to wear to church tomorrow. He has khakis and shoes, but no shirt. And I have nothing to wear. Period. I haven’t bought a whole lot of new clothes recently because it hasn’t been warm enough to wear any of the summer stuff that they had on the shelves.

Anywho. Little Man is up from his nap and he’s got to have a bath. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Easter! I’ll be back on Tuesday, but be sure to watch for the guest posts coming starting on MONDAY!!

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