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Photo Editing plus some Brain Dumping

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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: Photo Editing plus some Brain Dumping

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Photo Editing plus some Brain Dumping

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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: Photo Editing plus some Brain Dumping

Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland

January 28, 2010

Photo Editing plus some Brain Dumping

I'm linking several random things in this post today rather than doing a bunch of different posts. That way you don't have to scroll down a ways to read everything. See...I can be helpful :)

First, I'm linking up today with Monica over at Pixel Perfect Blog for some fun photo editing. If you've never been over to her 'place' I encourage you to stop by because she's fantastic! And she has the most adorable little boy, too. We are supposed to take a picture post it as is and then post our edits. ya go:

{Original Photo Straight from my camera}

{Edit #1}
[You may not be able to tell, but I did sharpen, crop and blur this picture. I even enhanced the football and the "Tonka" logo on his shirt. Look any different? Maybe not...]

{Edit #2}

So...yeah. There ya go. They aren't fantastic but I'm learning. Plus, I'm using the freebie: to edit my photos. When I get my new camera in the next few days, I'm going to try to sweet talk my husband into letting me get Photoshop. That way I'll have all of the tools in my arsenal for some kick butt photos of my kick butt little man. :) So excited. I've spent my morning looking at cameras online and reading photography tutorials. I can't wait to get started. I hope you guys like looking at photos because I'm afraid you'll be doing a lot of that pretty soon. And looking at crafts. Because I've got LOADS of ideas for decorating, too.

I'm thinking of getting started with something simple-coasters. We've had the same ol' boring, plain Jane coasters since we got married and I'm tired of them. They're really quite ugly and I can't believe that I actually picked them out. They are off white and have a tan "K" on them. Blah. I'm going to the craft store to find some tiles and some fabric or scrapbook paper to make my own. And then I'll embelish it with my choice of "K." Haha. And I'll photograph every step for ya'll to read about. My next project is the BIG one: The Family Rules Canvas. I'm still gathering my rules and I'm pretty sure it's going to take me a little while to pick out my paper for the canvas, but I'm super excited.

I'm also wanting to do my kitchen in a coffee theme, so I'm going to probably make some of my own canvas' or wooden signs to hang up. I want to make something for my front door, and some decorative art for my living room and our bedroom. Looks like I am going to be busy crafting it up and snapping photos. Hope I can keep up. I've also been reading about how to Mod-Podge old furniture that you're bored with and I have this really tacky little book case that we're using in the living room right now that is just dying for a makeover. I can't wait. I'm so pumped. I always knew I had an inner craftiness gene, it's just taken 20-something years for it to make it's debut. {My grandmother was Susie Crafts Alot when she was alive...if she saw it and liked it, she figured out how to make it. My mom quilts, crochets, needlepoints, scrapbooks and is a crazy good photographer. I never got into sewing and stuff, but my sister did and she's really good at it too. Plus, she's showing real potential in photography. And my dad, well, lets just say that he should have taken up drafting and wood-work. The things he's made are unbelievable.}

So....yeah. There ya' go. Another totally random mind dump for ya'll today. Sorry. I know this isn't the usual stuff that I post about, but I just don't have it in me right now. My creative tank is on overload, but it's all dumping into the 'craft' category instead of the 'writing' one. I have something planned to post tomorrow. I'm hoping that Little Man will nap long enough to let me get this posted and start on what I want to post tomorrow. But seeing as how I can hear him sitting in his crib talking to himself, that's not likely to happen. Oh well. Time for me to climb my lazy rear end off the couch and fix lunch. I have come down with a nasty little head cold the past 2 days and I feel almost like death. Headache, sore throat, sinus issues. I have managed to get up and shower this morning, though I threw on some clean PJ's and I'm laying on the couch. No biggie. My plans for the evening consist of supper [something that requires zero effort...meaning frozen or takeout] and watching Saw VI with the husband. Love his 3 day weekends-especially when they are possibly going to involve shopping. For me. Cough Cough. :) Kidding.

Okay. Little man is starting to whine. Time for me to go. Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! YAY for almost the weekend!


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At January 28, 2010 at 1:59 PM , Blogger Tiffany said...

Very nice edits! Your little man is adorable!

At January 28, 2010 at 5:57 PM , Blogger Pixel Perfect said...

Great job girl! I love sharp pictures! And sometimes it's the simple adjustments that make a big difference. It's all in the details. What photoshop are you wanting? Elements? Cs4? Thank you for participating. This was fun!


At January 28, 2010 at 10:29 PM , Blogger Heather said...

The edits are great! Cropping makes all the difference and I like the brown tones of the second edit. :)

At January 29, 2010 at 11:32 AM , Blogger Tara said...

Stopping by from Friday Follow to say Hi! I am now a follower! ;-)

Don't forget to stop by and link up at Trendy Treehouse for more Follow Me Friday Fun!

At January 29, 2010 at 11:35 AM , Blogger Mass Hole Mommy said...

Hi there! I'm here Friday following!

At January 29, 2010 at 1:35 PM , Blogger Katy said...

Wow, I can't believe how much he has grown! I've noticed that some of my neighbors are following your blog too! Small world! I am working on my degree in photography. I am just taking my first class, so I'm not very far along, but I have been wondering if I should post some of the things I am learning along the way. I might take a poll to see if my readers would appreciate that.

At January 30, 2010 at 12:30 AM , Blogger Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

Nice editing. Thanks for sharing. Happy Follow Friday, new follower here. You can find me blogging here:

At January 31, 2010 at 2:03 PM , Blogger Tina said...

I am working on taking better photo's and editing as well. Maybe we can learn together.
And, I cannot wait to see your craft project results!!


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