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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: I've been out...

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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: I've been out...

Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland

January 22, 2010

I've been out...

I haven't deserted you.

I swear. This week has been insanely busy, and I've hardly slowed down long enough to get to the computer. We started our End Times Prophecy Conference at church last Sunday morning and it ran through Wednesday night. Last night, Hubby went to help out with the Upward Basketball Practice & play basketball with some of the guys, and I had some girlfriends over for pizza and girl talk. And then tonight, we went to the church to help the Youth get ready for their Yard Sale tomorrow. So we have been at church every night this week for atleast an hour or two. Not that I'm complaining....I love being at church and around our churh family. I always look forward to going and leave in the best moods.  There is nothing better than being around good friends and learning the word of God or fellowshipping.

Anywho. I have also taken somewhat of a break from the computer this week. I started analyzing how I was spending my time during the day and realized that I was putting way more time into the computer than I was into spending time and playing with Little Man or reading my Bible. So, I toned it down a notch and haven't really picked the computer up during the day. I turn it on in the mornings long enough to check my Facebook, update my Twitter, and read your blogs. And if I have anything immediate to post, I post it. I'm working on getting a schedule for my blog time set up so I can gaurantee a new post for all of you lovely readers every day of the week. But, I have decided that I am going to stop posting on weekends. That way I can spend my time with my family...unless: something immediate that I feel is necessary comes up or Hubby has duty and is gone all day.

God is also showing me that he wants me to use my blog as a ministry tool. I've received ALOT of encouraging and uplifting comments and emails lately from people who read my posts and feel inspired and encouraged by my writing. That is truly a humbling thing for know that someone is connecting with my through my writing and I have spent a lot of time thanking God for this opportunity. He's really been showing me that, while this isn't like writing a book or anything, that I do have a gift and an opportunity here to do his work through my writing. I'm still going to keep writing about my family and posting pictures and such of Little man, as well as posting my recipes and crafts and stuff like that. But in everything that I write, no matter what the subject matter or the topic, I want to write to bring honor to HIM. And in the past day or two, after my post about the United States in Bible Prophecy post, I have already lost THREE blog followers. Which, initally discouraged me. But I'm not going to stop writing what God places on my heart to write about. I'm not going to do anything differently just because someone didn't like it {not that I even know if that was the case or not, but just saying}. God's given me this ability to write, so I can atleast glorify him through it.

Anywho. I have two blog awards to post and give away, but I don't have the links of the lovely ladies that gave them to me accessable right this second, so I will post those tomorrow or Monday. ALSO those of you who emailed me for notes that I took on the Prophecy Conference- I haven't forgotten you! I promise I am going to get those typed up and emailed out. I'm working on copying my notes from my scratch paper that I use during church to my Journal where I expand on the sermon and add my own notes as we speak, so as soon as I get done with that, I will email them. I want to make sure they are good and complete so that you don't get snagged on any holes in my note taking.

Like I said last time, thank you to those of you who are so loyal and so encouraging! I know I can't return every single comment, but please don't think that I don't read them or appreciate them, because I do. :) Your words and thoughts are what keep me writing and I love knowing that you all understand where I'm coming from. You guys mean so much to me, and I hope that you will continue to stick around.

Right now, I'm getting ready to throw on my PJ's and study some more notes. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend if I don't make it back here until Monday. Right now, I leave you with a few photos from the weekend of my sweet little man and his daddy playing football at the park:

I told you he loves to play ball! And he loves his daddy. That much is a fact. :)


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At January 22, 2010 at 10:49 PM , Blogger Beth P. said...

Wow, sounds like you've been extremely busy! I think more time for your son and for family are great reasons for being away! And I LOVE those pictures. Boys playing with their dads are sure to melt my heart every single time.

I say good for you for not letting the people who no longer follow get to you!

At January 23, 2010 at 9:09 AM , Blogger Mandi Miller said...

He is such a little man!! So adorable!
I have a schedule for blogging too. I do most all of my posts at night after Maddy goes to bed and I schedule them to post at 6 am the next morning. I am usually off the computer by 8pm so that me and the hubby can spend some time together. In the morning I turn on the computer to check facebook, twitter and read some blogs while Maddy eats breakfast and watches Super Y. I will turn it on sometime during the afternoon when Maddy is napping to have a "break". I try to abide by this but you know, it doesn't always work out that way... but it is my ideal schedule. I don't want to miss Maddy growing up because I was on the computer!! I hope you have a great weekend! Looking forward to those notes!

At January 23, 2010 at 10:37 AM , Blogger Tracey said...

Sounds like you're staying busy with church activities - good for you! I look forward to reading more of your writing soon! :)

At January 23, 2010 at 12:15 PM , Blogger Laura said...

Your Little Man is SO cute!

Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

At January 28, 2010 at 2:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

At January 30, 2010 at 3:12 AM , Blogger Kat @ said...

Your blog is so informative and clever. Can't wait to try most of your recent posts. I intend to stop by again!
Our blogs are semi-similar; I'd love your feedback about mine, if you have a sec! Thanks!!


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