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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: Deep Thinking

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Deep Thinking

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Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland: Deep Thinking

Live Beautiful | Courtney Kirkland

January 7, 2010

Deep Thinking

This morning, I am full of deep thoughts and questions to ponder. Some of these I have already approached my pastor about and receieved his explanation, but I thought, just for fun that I would give all of you some Spiritual Brain Food this morning. {Don't worry, if this post bores you I have something else in mind to post later that you might enjoy. However, if these intrigue you I would LOOOOVE to hear your comments and thoughts.} Ready for the randomness?
  • Why is it that, while we can sit and read regular novels about Vampires & Wearwolves {for us Twilight Infatuated Guru's out there} or about unrealistic and unlife-like romance for hours on end, but we can't seem to find the time to read a few chapters from the Word of God?
Think about that. I'll speak for myself here, but I know that I'm not alone. Why is it that I sat and read the ENTIRE Twilight Series in less than a week, but I make excuses for not having the "time" to sit and study and read my Bible? I mean, Twilight is probably, what 2500 pages if you were to put it all together? That's a big book, but I read it. And I can't make time to feed on the living word?
  • Why is it that we long for someone to love us, care for us, pamper us, and praise us but won't allow God to be that one? We seek out men and their imperfections to fill the voids we feel, but won't let the only one who really can complete us close enough to love us the way we desire?
This is something I have had to learn over the past almost two years. Don't get me wrong, my husband is wonderful. He loves me and pampers me and treats me like a Queen. But he is still human. As I know your husbands are to. You can't convince me that you never think to yourself, "I wish my husband would do this differently." I've thought that, and I know that he has to. Why can't we just let God love us the way that we want to be loved and the way that he wants to love us?
  • {This one came from a general conversation with my husband and mother-in-law} We know that a person dies and either goes to heaven or hell. So, say a person has a wreck and is declared brain dead at the hospital. They are still 'alive' via ventalator. If their heart is still beating but their mind is gone, is their soul in heaven [or hell] or does it hang on until the heart gives out? Which therefore imparts this question: where exactly is your soul?
This is not a question so much as it is a thought:
  • Have you ever tried to comprehend that thought that God has been here, well, forever? Or that time and the universe has to actual end? Or contemplated on the infinite ability of our God? What about the fact that God, the king and ruler of all things, came to Earth as a baby {Jesus} born in a manger to live, grow and die as a mere human while he also remained as God the Father in heaven and then as the Holy Spirit filled the hearts of his followers and believers?
Maybe it doesn't do anything for any of you to think about those kinds of things, but I like to think about things. If you have read the "Crazy Love" book by Francis Chan, I encourage you to go get it. He talks about this exact kind of thing...about God's Greatness and Majesty. There is a video he made called the "Awe Factor of God"  {find it here. Trust me you WANT to watch this. It's amazing!} in which he talks about how insignificant we are as humans in the overall grand scheme of things. But what's even more amazing is that The GOD of the Universe...the one who created the Earth and all things in it...the universe in all of it's vastness...came to Earth to DIE for us. For you. For me. How nuts is that?

Sorry. :) I got a little fired up this morning with God's greatness. I had a pretty awesome Quiet Time this morning and I just feel good. I don't always do well with having my Quiet Time in the morning before everyone else wakes up {I am not a morning person at all.} but I made myself get up and do it this morning and I am in the best morning mood I have been in in a while. I'm going to post some sermon notes from Pastor sermon last night. It's all about the kind of New Year's "Resolutions" we should set. It was really good. Look for it later. :) Have a wonderful Thursday Morning!


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At January 7, 2010 at 8:04 AM , Blogger Sheila said...

I know what you mean, Courtney!

I just finished my devotions, and was berating myself because I didn't read the Bible as long as I read the blogs for this morning.

But, in all honesty, they are written for different purposes. And the Bible, I think, is better in small chunks so that you do have time to ponder it. I think we may do better to read small bits, like a chapter or two, several times a day, than to sit down and read it for hours. You wouldn't take it in as well.

What I can't figure out is why I have the energy to read blogs, but the second I close my eyes to pray I almost fall asleep! I have to pray with my eyes open now. Sigh.

It is a constant battle, isn't it? But you're so right. We have to keep God foremost in our minds. I have tried to figure out eternity before, and I can't.

But it's a good "can't". I don't think I'd want to. I think I like having puzzles to chew on...

Thanks for making me think this morning!

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

At January 7, 2010 at 10:09 AM , Blogger Mandi Miller said...

Glad you did your quiet time this morning! It really does make a difference for me to do that FIRST thing in the morning... (well after I grab some coffee).

There are parts of the Bible that you CAN read like Twilight but most of it is too much for my mind to comprehend. I can really only process a little information at a time. When I read straight through a book of the Bible I tend to lose some of it's impact on my life.

As far as not letting God love us... sin. Although I have been forgiven I still sin against God and that hinders my relationship with Him until it is confessed and dealt with. God is so perfect that in order for our relationship to be right, that sin HAS to be dealt with but with other people, I won't feel as convicted and they don't require me to deal with my sin.

I am glad that I don't know about my soul, and God's infinite greatness. It confuses me but that is the way I like it. I don't want to worship a God that I can figure out! He is so much greater than I am. My miniscule mind simply can't comprehend some things, but that makes me trust Him even more because I know He has everything under control even when I don't!

Great questions!!!

At January 7, 2010 at 10:15 AM , Blogger Ashley said...

I think about these things all the time. Last night as I was reading my Bible I yawned, and it hit me that I can sit there and read until one or two in the morning if it's something else. It's strange, but it's something that I believe all Christians struggle with. No matter how much they love the word of God, I think it happens.

I'm bad about sitting and thinking about God, the universe, creation.. all of it. I usually have to make myself stop. It's amazing, and I'm so glad I don't understand it because what kind of God would He be if I could understand all of that?! That's what makes Him God.
I think about the human body a ton too. It fascinates me that people actually think we started out as either monkeys or a pile off goo from the ocean. Seriously?!? The human body is just so complex. It's just amazing how God made everything work together like He did. Wow. I'm so glad I'm saved and know the one who amazes me when I think of these things!

Thanks for such a wonderful post this morning!

At January 7, 2010 at 11:04 AM , Blogger dawn said...

Hi--I popped over from Melinda's blog. Congrats on being featured!

I like your post and your questions. I'm still thinking, but I have a few thoughts:

1) regarding the reading thing...don't want to be one of those people who say this about everything...BUT, we need to remember that there is an enemy who wants to keep us from knowing truth and keep us from reading the source of that Truth. So we get bored, distracted, interrupted, sleepy. That's not always the enemy, but it is sometimes I believe. (sometimes it's that I stayed up too late doing something else and I cause my own problem hehe).

2) regarding the relationship thing...been thinking about that. Our new pastor just started a series he calls "Idol". so far we have just had the intro message...but he is already asking cut to the core questions. yikes. good stuff. Anyway, he talks about making good things into ultimate things (even family relationships) and how that can mess with our relationship with God. I'm looking forward to hearing more of his series...but this is what I thought of when I read your comments.

Boy--I can really relate to both of are asking great questions.!

I'll be back!

At January 7, 2010 at 11:53 AM , Blogger Meagan Frank said...

I have been contemplating very similar questions the past couple of days. Women crave to be desired with every ounce of who we are, but PERFECT desire can only come from one place. Sifting through all the distraction that keeps us from accepting that PERFECT love is the curse...and blessing... of being human. We crave and strive to be worthy of God, but as is expected, we fall short often. We have to keep seeking, keep moving past our own failings, dig deeper to discover truth and that is all part of what God desires for us, and in doing that we slowly discover that God's desire is for us too. Love the deep thoughts! It's best when the question is too big to ever be adequately answered.

At January 7, 2010 at 12:50 PM , Blogger Scrappy Gifts said...

great thoughts and reflections...I love when I get a chance for that especially to talk about it with my husband.
I only have insight on the first question though. The scriptures are made up of so many different stories for us to ponder on so I don't think it's meant to be read so quickly. Now fiction stories, I read fast because I want to know what happens; there's usually not much to ponder on and learn from them. We just have to remember to take some time to read a little, but really try to understand what we've read whether it be right then and there or maybe through out the day. Then we must continually reread our scriptures...not too often do we reread the fictional stories.

At January 7, 2010 at 4:07 PM , Blogger Libbie said...

I just found you through COMING CLEAN & am so glad!

YESSSS! I go nuts thinking of God's greatness & that he has been here forever & the Trinity! My daughter (5) came home from school the other day & explained the Trinity to me perfectly & said, "EVen some adults don't understand it mom...but I you?" I can't even remember what I said :) But I know I think about stuff like that a lot!

I am so intriged lately to by EL ROI the name Hagar gave God...The God who sees me...Isn't that just awesome! I just love that!

Talk to ya soon!

At January 7, 2010 at 4:22 PM , Blogger mama4x said...

I subscribe but I've been lurking without commenting although I really enjoy your writing. The best thing I thought of when reading your questions was that God is the Ancient of Days (Daniel). He was present for every crime ever committed and will be the judge that gives a just sentence. He doesn't miss any evidence and he knows the heart of every one.

At January 7, 2010 at 4:24 PM , Blogger mama4x said...

Don't forget that satan wants us to spend hours in a novel and not in the Bible. Although I agree with everyone that it's easier to read the Bible in small sections.

At January 7, 2010 at 9:24 PM , Blogger Rosario said...

I am glad Melinda chose you as the blog of the week. Your post is so true. I know people who read romance novels in one day. They can't wait to finish. But they think reading the bible is boring. I do not read fiction books, I do read self help books and from Christian authors like Joyce Meyer, my favorite. But when I read the bible, I find that after a few verses, my eyelids seem to close. I think is the devil making me sleepy so that I do not read on.


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